7 Kinds Of People You Need For Crowdfunding Success

By: Divya Kilikar

Published On: April 17, 2018

We’ve observed thousands of campaigns over the last few years.

Some were abandoned. Some started out at a good pace but slowed down in a few days. Some did a decent job, raising the goal amount in a month or so. Some exploded to become a raging success among large groups of people in a single day!

What are they all doing differently?

Any crowdfunding guru will agree with us when we say that it’s highly unlikely a lone campaigner can get their fundraiser to the same level of virality as a full team. It’s now highly recommended that at least five or more campaigners actively work on promoting a single fundraiser.

These are the 7 kinds of people that you should want on your team:

The Friend

A solo campaigner doesn’t usually as far with his project as, say, a team of four or five dedicated campaigners. Moreover, everyone needs that extra encouragement and support when they have to deal with a medical emergency while also focusing on arranging for funds donate or when their fundraiser slows down a bit. So, make sure to pull in a few friends to help you multiply your donor reach and give you some much-needed motivation while being the voice of your fundraiser. 

The Student Volunteer 

Students are a vital community to tap into, as many urban youth today are enthusiasts of a wide variety of causes. They also generally do a great job or spreading the word and getting messages viral within their campuses. Try to find students from different colleges who care about your cause and include them in your fundraising efforts. Learn how to launch an attractive program step-by-step in this article. If you’re running a medical fundraiser, ask a young family member like a niece or a nephew to promote the cause in their school/college.

The Selfie Queen

A good fundraiser will need good images to help your audience make a connect with the cause. Images evoke emotion in a potential donor and a short, simple video can do the trick even better! If you have a family member/ friend who is good at clicking pictures, assign them the task to post regular updates with images. 

The Influencer

Influencers are people that have a social media presence (a page or an account) with a large following. Approach only people whom you think will connect to your cause. The best way to reach out to influencers is to directly get in touch with them. You can do this through email, by tweeting to them or directly messaging them on Instagram or Facebook. It’s okay to ask for their help, but remember to not be too insistent. If an influencer refuses to help, accept it and move on to another one. Check out some of Classy’s tips.

The Blogger

These include editors and reporters at newspapers, magazines or online journals, bloggers and essentially anyone that can speak to a large population of your target audience. Message them personally and tag them in your own posts a few times till they take notice, but be careful not to spam.

The Casual Colleague 

Your workforce can be a crucial part of your fundraising. Talk to your HR about spreading the word through your company’s email network. Enroll your coffee-time colleague or office lunch partner to help reach out to more people through word-of-mouth (it’s still one of the best ways to spread a message) at your office.

The Experienced Campaigner

Who better to ask for help with your fundraiser than someone who has run one themselves? They may not directly be able to help you reach more donors, but from their past experience, they’ll be able to give you tried and tested tips to find more donors!

The Social Media Junkie

Social media is the crowdfunding campaigner’s best friend, so take time to understand what platforms you should be using, what you should be saying and who you should be saying it to. We all know people who tweet each moment of their life and instagram all their meals. Take their help to figure things out! Get them to talk about your cause, bring in more followers and donors and constantly interact with them to bring more traction to your fundraiser. If you don’t know a social media junkie, here are 5 quick tips to get you started on your own!