You added life to Devani’s cancer journey

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: January 12, 2021



Living for years with blood cancer was no joke for the 9-year-old. And to have survived it, in the end, is even more commendable. The journey to recovery for sweet little Devyani Gawande has been full of pain, suffering, but also hope. 

In 2017, Devyani caught a high fever which didn’t lessen for days. Loss of appetite and a burning fever led to the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. It is a type of blood cancer marked by an excessive number of lymphocytes in the blood. 

An estimated Rs 23 lakh was the need of the hour. Her parents gave up all the savings for Devyani’s treatment. When money fell short, they had to sell their house to save their daughter. High dosage chemotherapy and supportive care left her so weak that Devyani had to skip school. Her hair loss too left her extremely discouraged. 

Two whole years somehow passed. At last, Devyani’s cancer was in remission. But by February 2020, Devyani’s health deteriorated again with a high fever. The doctor found out that her cancer had relapsed. Only this time, a bone marrow transplant became her only hope for a cure.

Devyani critically required another Rs 40 lakh to survive. Her parents had already spent all they had in the two years of her treatment. When all hope seemed to fade, her father started a free medical crowdfunding campaign on and was overwhelmed by the positive response his cause received. Donations poured in for Devyani and within no time, the procedure for her transplant started. Today, she’s on her way to recovery with her bone marrow transplant, a success. 

“I was a helpless and distraught father then, who was desperately trying to save his little princess. Humanity exists and is proof for it. Thank you, everyone!”

- Dinesh Gawande, Devyani’s father.



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