The Impact Guru Promise - Instant action, full refund to donors.

At Impact Guru, we strive very hard to ensure that we create a safe environment both for our campaigners and donors. We take every complaint seriously and have set up internal risk management tools and systems that help us detect and eliminate fraudulent activity. In case, you come across anything suspicious on our platform, please help us take action by reporting it immediately.

What Is Considered Fraud On Impact Guru?

We have very strict policies against misrepresentation of a person or a cause to get donations. The generosity of our donors is valuable to us and we always try our best to ensure that all donations reach a genuine campaigners. Please refer to our Terms of Use for complete details on how to use our platform.

What Will Impact Guru Do With My Complaint?

As soon as you fill the form, our grievance redressal officer will look into it by investigating the matter thoroughly. He may get in touch with you and/or the campaigner who you have raised concerns against to investigate the matter. He will then suggest necessary action to ensure wrongdoings are avoided and necessary corrective actions are taken promptly.

I'm A Donor And I Think I May Have Donated To A Fraudulent Campaign.

Don't worry. Fill in the below form and we will investigate the matter. If any fraud is detected, the full donation will be refunded to you if the money has not been transferred from our bank account to the relevant campaigner.

Who Should I Reach Out To If My Problem Is Not Resolved?

If we haven't resolved your complaint within 5-7 days, please shoot an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you with an update as soon as we can!

For any other Grievance, please send an E-mail to [email protected]

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