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Lung Cancer Treatment

As per Indian Council of Medical Research (Jan, 2015) , lung cancer constitutes 6.9 per cent of all new cancer cases and 9.3 per cent of all cancer related deaths in both sexes in India. One of the commonest cancers all over the world, it forms in the tissues of the lung, often in the cells lining air passages, thus taking its treatment costs on a higher level.

There are 1.4 lakh lung cancer cases estimated to take place in 2020.
Let us fight this battle together!

Roadblocks to Cancer Treatment

  • High quality treatments which are necessary are not accessible to majority of our population due to high costs.
  • There are expenses for cancer treatments, surgeries, doctor visits and hospital stays, to name a few, and many cancer survivors and families of cancer patients suffer from vast amounts of medical debt.

How can Crowdfunding help?

Lung Cancer Crowdfunding 2

Overcome Financial Hardships

Raise funds for Lung Cancer treatment and overcome financial hardships. Also, gain support from family, friends and community, who are willing to be a part of your journey.

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Fund a Charity

Help a charitable organization in raising funds for the proper treatment of the cancer affected people.

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Research & Awareness

People who have overcome cancer can also raise funds for cancer researches and awareness programmes in India.

Impact Guru wants to be the crusader of our country that is being haunted by this iconic disease. Our free, online fundraising platform will help you raise funds to fight cancer. Begin today!

How it works?

How Lung Cancer Crowdfunding Works

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