Individual Causes

One person’s conviction backed by the strength of many Start a fundraiser to help out a loved one, combat a health emergency, follow your educational dreams or help out your community. Sometimes it only takes one person to lead the change.

How does it work?

Individuals can raise funds through donation crowdfunding.

Start a fundraiser

Tell your friends, family and professional network on social media Get quick and easy funds.

Why start a Crowdfunding Fundraiser with us?

Problem Solver : Want to help a close friend with a medical emergency or renovated a local playground, start a fundraiser to solve any personal or community problem and raise funds quickly and efficiently.

Larger Response : Get more than just friends and family involved. The internet has a large number of good will ambassadors who will contribute for your cause. Leverage your social media contacts to get to them.

No need for Loans/debts : Donation crowdfunding negates the need for you to take loans or debt to fund your education or a health issue.

Get the community involved : You can get a whole lot of people involved in your cause by inviting them to contribute to your fundraiser and sole a problem by coming together. Eg. Imagine if your college alumni got together to fund a library upgradation project!

If you have questions, go read our FAQs for fundraising for personal causes.