Individual Giving

Philanthropy seems out of the reach of individuals today. Mostly corporates who give as art of CSR, or wealthy individuals who donate large sums or even individuals who donate lesser sums but give consistently seem to have more avenues than individuals who want to once in a while donate or help with whatever little they can. This is the gap we wish to fill with Impact Guru. Moreover, individuals (especially the new donors) are often sceptical about the NGOs or causes, which often hinders them from giving.

At Impact Guru, we realize that no contribution, big or small, is ever wasted. We provide flexibility for you to donate as much as you can to the causes you like without having to worry about the authenticity of the cause or the reliability of the registered NGO. We verify and vet our NGOs and causes thoroughly and encourage individuals to step up and make a difference by giving or simply spreading the word!

Only individual will can lead to a collective change. Impact Guru aims to empower the individual to empower the community.