Multiply your CSR by finding the right fit for your budget

Why partner with us?

Find the right NGO/cause : Our registry of over 100+ NGOs that support different causes and are based out of various different states in the country, helps you easily find the right cause to give to. We verify the legitimacy of all organisations after a thorough due diligence process so that’s one less thing to worry about too.

Let us strategize your CSR : Our team can guide you on how to increase your impact by helping you use your CSR budget through efficient use of your CSR budget. We also help you gauge your impact through follow-up reports and feedback.

Goodwill and Branding : Our crowdfunding fundraisers have been covered by various newspaper and websites like Buzzfeed, Mumbai Mirror, Mid Day etc. Associating with a fundraiser not only ranks high on goodwill but also helps brand your company in the minds of the people.

Employee Engagement : From volunteering for a cause to creating fundraisers of their own, doing good together can help build team spirit like nothing else.