Fundraiser FAQs

Who can start a fundraiser on Impact Guru?

Anyone can start a fundraiser on our platform; individuals, start-ups, social enterprises, NGOs, corporates or any other organisation. However, fundraisers for personal causes can only be started by those above 18 years of age.

What do I need to create a fundraiser?

If you are an NGO, you need a couple of documents for verification. You can get a list of mandatory documents on our terms and conditions page.

If you are an individual, you will need to get the NGO you are raising funds for to register on our platform first before you create a fundraiser for them.

If you are an individual raising for a personal cause, please provide the necessary bills regarding your medical expenses, education or whatever you are starting a fundraiser for.

Can I make changes to my fundraiser after it is launched?

With the exception of the goal amount and fundraiser end date, you, as the fundraiser owner, have the power to edit all the content on your page. We encourage fundraiser owners to update the page regularly, give updates, share interesting facts and keep the supporters engaged

What are Impact Guru’s fees and pricing?

Creating a fundraiser on our platform is absolutely free! Once you’ve raised money, our platform fees plus transaction fees amount to up to 10% of the funds raised.

What are rewards?

Rewards are the items offered by you to incentivize supporters to in a way thank them for the contribution they made towards your fundraiser. It could be a special thank you note, coffee mug, a badge or any other thing you may think of.

Why should I offer Rewards?

Rewards help bring more donors to your fundraiser and persuade them to donate a higher amount for which a reward would be promised. Plus, it builds goodwill in the mind of the donor as the reward will not only make them feel nice for contributing and thus persuade them to contribute further but also keep reminding them of you the next time they want to contribute.

For social enterprises and start-ups, rewards become a way of pre-selling their product to test the market acceptability of their product/service as well as raise funds.

Is it ok if I can’t offer rewards?

Absolutely. While it feels nice to be rewarded, a lot of people contribute just to help the cause without wanting anything in return.

My initial Fundraiser wasn’t successful. Can I start another one?

At, Impact Guru, we treat failure as an opportunity to learn. You can definitely begin another fundraiser. We however, request you to reflect on why your previous fundraiser wasn’t successful and apply the key learnings to make the second one a grand success!