CSR / Employee Engagement

More and more corporates are developing a consciousness towards giving back. The CSR initiatives are a way to not only contribute to the development of the society but also infuse values of responsibility and charity into the work ethic. Companies are also using CSR to enhance employee engagement by organising fundraising events, motivating the employee by matching their contributions with the CSR budget and encouraging volunteering. But creating a good CSR program or associating with an NGO needs time and resources. Impact Guru, with its 500+ registered NGOs and causes and its team of experts makes CSR giving and Employee engagement through CSR, a smooth and hassle-free process by getting you in touch with trusted and renowned NGOs and creating programs that will bring the workforce together for a cause.

CSR spend expected to increase from Rs 6,107 crore (US$ 0.9bn)in 2015 to Rs 8,792 crore (US$1.3bn) in 2016. The new Companies Act 2013 has mandated that organisations of a certain financial strength (described below) to spend 2% of their net profit on corporate social responsibility (CSR)
•Revenue > Rs1,000 crore (US$ 146mm), or
•Total equity > Rs500 crore (US$ 73mm), or
•Net profit > Rs5 crore (US$ 0.7mm)

We are here to encourage and guide companies to sow good and reap better.

Services We Offer

  • Identification of charity/program/focus area for the company.
    Organise employee engagement programs:     - Crowdfund as a team engaging family and friends along the way for various causes
        - Volunteering activities (skill and time based) eg. providing pro bono skill based sevices to NGOs,
        - Host donation drives [(specially during disaster relief)
        - Race for a cause as a team with proceeds going towards a charity.
    Cause Marketing - facilitate activities and events along with NGO partners such as Dine for Charity or Run for a Cause.
    NGO Melas - Melas or carnivals can be organised in offices during festivals such as Holi, Diwali or Christmas. Where various nonprofits showcase their products and employees can buy gifts for family and friends.
    Matching Donations and Corporate CSR - The companies can match the donations made by employees to maximise the impact of their contributions.
    Creating a new crowdfunding contest / fundraising challenge on a specific theme area to encourage innovation
    Start a crowdfunding page and invite your entire family and friends to spread the word and create more impact