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By Prakash DSa

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Appeal for donation for the Church Hall. 

What are we asking ?

We need USD 80,000  right now for the Church Hall. We have taken a loan of USD 325,000 to purchase a hall and need to repay USD 80,000 this year (2017). We want to repay the loan (Book of Romans Chapter 13 verse 8, The Bible)

Who we are  ?

We are a Church that calls people to actually practice what the Bible says (Book of John Chapter 14 verse 15, The Bible). We are known as the Indian Church of Christ in Delhi and are a non-denominational church. 

Why do we need a Church Hall ?

1) We need ONE consistent place to meet. So far we had been renting halls but had to move locations frequently based on the availability of the halls and this caused confusion among members. (Book of Acts Chapter 2 verse 46, The Bible)

2) We believe that renting is not a good use of our limited resources . If planned well, the same resources could be used for multiple outcomes. E.g - When we have our own hall, we can have more meetings during the week. This helps the community and also saves costs.

3) The Hall itself can become a means for resource mobilisation. When we are not using the Hall, we could offer it for others to use.

What will the Hall be used for ? 

1) To hold worship services i.e. the community can meet together to worship God

2) To conduct workshops for the community such as

a) Workshops that help couples to have a better  marriage

b) Workshops for singles and youth on life skills and dealing with peer pressure and pressures of life

c) Workshops that help parents on raising children in a Godly way

d) Workshops for pre-teens, teens and campus students on developing a productive life. 

e) Workshops on developing leadership skills and become productive citizens of society

Some context

We completed  27 years of our presence in Delhi & North India.  In the  last 27 years, we have grown steadily in number and in spirit. Our congregation has grown from 30 to 500 and our services and programs have expanded from Sunday worship and Wednesday devotionals   to include bible discussion/ talk at the homes of Christians at over 40 locations throughout the city of Delhi and also specialized meetings for marrieds , singles and teens as well as  Sunday school programs. In these years, we have seen each of our members grow in their knowledge of the Word of God and in making a living faith in Christ, a way of life. 

In the last 27 years, we have moved many locations to hold our church services and programs. As you well know, such rented spaces come with various inconveniences. Many times our facility bookings have been cancelled at the last minute forcing us to meet in open parks. Since February to April of this year we have been meeting in open park on sundays for our worship due to non availability of a meeting hall . 

Many facilities do not rent out to us because we are a religious NGO.  However, we would surely be able to do far more with more space designed to our need and belonging entirely to us as a congregation.

Thank you for your generosity in considering to help.

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