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vChalk is on a journey to support 1 million children in affordable schools catch up on basic English and Math skills for learning.

vChalk helps children who are first in their family to learn English and enables teachers to deliver and monitor remedial classes with proven activities for learning.

With activity-based and level focused methods, children can improve their basic English and Math skills in less than 45 days. With such a small amount of effort when young, we can make a huge difference for their future. And we are set to do just that!

Anil gave-up IBM and jobs with multinational companies for vChalk.

Daniela came to India in 2011 and started vChalk in Bangalore four years later.

Vishakha is a Long Island University graduate and gave up her career in USA to join vChalk.

We are in vChalk because we solve one of the most urgent problems in education: children are in school but not learning.

Here is our story:

With our pilot project completed in March this year, we learned that technology can go a long way to help all children acquire the basic skills for learning. So we bring technology into the classroom to guide the teachers who take catch-up classes. They will have access to vChalkbox, a mini-server in the school, and connect to it via Ezy, a mobile application that describes the activities for each group of children to do during the class that day. Without the need for Internet connectivity! 

The money we raise will go towards:

50% - our classroom planning application development efforts

30% - reaching more parents who dream better for their children enrolled in budget schools

10% - our hiring efforts of locals who speak English to facilitate a vChalk class in a school nearby

10% - office rent for 2 months till we have the mobile application ready for classrooms.

With $5000 (INR 3,00,000) we will be able to have the application ready for the classrooms and it will benefit 2000 children this year by guiding the teachers with the right activities for children to practically understand the concepts they learn. 

Here is why you should care:Globally, 4 in 10 children fail to learn the basics in primary grades.(UNESCO, 2012).

Low-income families in India - tailors,street vendors, auto-rickshaw drivers, factory workers in semi- and urban areas send their children to low-cost English medium schools that they can afford.  

Our innovation is based on an MIT proven-at-scale pedagogical approach: directing instruction towards the actual learning level of the children is the most consistently effective solution at improving learning outcomes and is also very cost effective. This approach is called "teaching at the right level" and is at the core of vChalk classes. 

The school teacher takes the kids in 2nd to 5th grades who are lagging behind through a minimum 5-month after-school class that is fun and focused on learning of language reading,comprehension and basic number operations skills. vChalk uses in-house technology to drive the efficiency of the teachers and measures and reports on the children's learning progress even to illiterate parents.

Thank you for supporting our team reach 2000 children this academic year!

For more about us:

- visit http://vchalk.org/ 

- tweet us at: https://twitter.com/vchalkindia 
- become friends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VchalkIndia/ 
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