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Transform Government Schools into Centers of Excellence

Transform Government Schools into Centers of Excellence

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Simple Education Foundation.



Imagine if all children are able to get the same opportunities of learning regardless of their socio-economic background. Imagine if all teachers are able to lead their classrooms the way they envision it, despite the constraints of resources & infrastructure. Imagine if all schools are centers of excellence, no matter where they are. This is what we do. We, at Simple Education Foundation work on making this vision a reality one day, for all children, all teachers and all schools everywhere in India.


In a country where nearly 30 million children are still out of school, it is a crisis that we cannot ignore. This requires our immediate and urgent attention. And its time we wield the power of collective action to change the status quo for so many of our children.  At Simple Education Foundation, we are working towards building these pathways to quality education within the public education system. And we’re doing that by transforming public schools as centers of excellence for teaching and learning.


The School Network project in Delhi will be our first step towards our mission. This initiative is a collaborative partnership with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation on their ‘School Quality Enhancement Program’ (SQEP). Under this program, SDMC partners with non profits working in the education space to strengthen the quality of their primary schools in the capital city.  As one of their implementing partners this year, our goal is to transform the teaching and learning processes in the partner school and improve the school culture. The core philosophy of SQEP is to bridge the socio-economic gap and ensure that children from low-income communities have access to a quality education comparable to opportunities available to those learning in higher income schools. Some of the key focus areas of SQEP are to increase enrolment, improve attendance, introduce innovative teaching & learning methods and engage in progressive classroom practices. By 2022, we intend to transform 3 government schools as part of our School Network project.


In April 2017, SEF will take over the first government run primary school in the Bhim Nagri area of South Delhi. SEF will have a dedicated team of teachers and a school leader who will work in the school along with the existing government appointed staff. The entire school team will be supported by SEF’s central Learning and Teaching team that will design the curriculum and teacher development program for the school. We will positively impact overall student learning, increase enrolment, transform teaching practices and improve community engagement through our intervention model in this school.

Total number of students we will work with– 210 

Total number of teachers we will work with – 10



 SEF will need to fund all additional resources and manpower required to transform this government school into a center of excellence. Your support will help us take care of all additional costs required for the process of school transformation. This includes improving basic infrastructure, hiring a school leader and a teaching team, adding resources like a library, sports equipment, technology and teaching and training tools for the entire staff. These funds will help us revamp and overhaul the school and improve the learning environment for nearly 200 students in that community.

Here is a Detailed Breakup of how these funds will be utilized. Also the 80G certificate for your donation will be sent  directly to you by Impact Guru.


 Each day we find inspiration from all our work on the ground that motivates us to do our very best. In Uttarakhand, we have children who walk for an hour to come to school, because they feel joyful once they’re in the classroom. In Kashmir, our teachers are risking their safety and attending our training workshops despite the endless cycle of violence haunting the state. In Delhi, our students are constantly defining their own learning curve, by displaying incredible grit and rigour in the way they lead each assignment. Like us, we’re hoping you’d want to be surrounded by all the love and appreciation that students and teachers share with us everyday.. So be inspired, give a little and get back much more by supporting us our School Network program.


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