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Help Postgraduate Medical students do better Research

Help Postgraduate Medical students do better Research

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QMed Knowledge Foundation
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Success Story from Abhishek and friends who attended QMed's workshop

"We have never been exposed to searching medical literature in our medical school days. Suddenly, after joining our PG program, when we were told that we needed to search PubMed, and we tried, it was daunting. We were really worried as to how we would go about it. Now when you have explained all the concepts and shown us how we progress step by step, we are really relieved. More importantly, we know that we can get back to you if we need help. And our seniors who have also gone through your training are also available for help. Thank you!"

Abhishek's senior Rukman recommended QMed's program to the group. Rukman and Abhishek are from a medical college where their faculty member has also seen the impact of QMed's workshops and encourages them to attend them. Not all students are so lucky


The Problem

Postgraduate medical students waste many hours in searching for references online and citing them in their thesis. These skills, if taught correctly, saves them time to focus on their actual research. Importantly it teaches them to find “evidence” of best practices, a skill they need life long, to provide evidence based care to the community. Members of the governing bodies of the country, themselves being untrained, have not included "correct searching methods" in the curriculum, and hardly anyone teaches these to students. This needs a change, and students experiencing this change can make a big difference to the community.

The Solution

We will train medical PG students in scientific ways of searching for the most relevant literature and for the best available evidence and further do their referencing with ease. We will invite applications from medical colleges & hospitals in Mumbai and take on students on a first come first served basis. After conducting workshops, we will also work with each one of them for their thesis topics, guiding them for the search, citing and referencing. We will specially focus on helping them find evidence based information.

The Impact

By empowering these students with strong search skills, these students will save hours (actually days) and be able to spend more time in conducting their research for the thesis. Learning these skills will help them search online correctly, every time they seek information for research or patient care. Over time, patients will gain by getting the best available treatment. In addition, this activity being an integral part of any medical writing, it encourages these students to document their research, and help improve research output in India.

Program Cost for supporting around  100 students:



Cost * Units

Amount in Rs.

Venue hiring costs
Rs. 10000*10 workshops
Workshop cost
Rs. 2000 * 100 students


Lunch / refreshment costs:
Rs. 500 * 100 students


Stationery + certificate costs:
Rs. 100 * 100 students


Follow up time post workshop
Rs. 500 * 100 students
Program promotion time and other costs / Miscellaneous expenses




A post graduate student will be asked to give Rs. 500/- as his/her commitment to learn. If a student cannot afford to pay, this charge will be waived and borne by the Foundation

Please note: We constantly do try and reduce some costs - example venue hiring costs, by using less expensive venues. The above is an indicative cost. We will then use the extra funds we raise to offset some costs of some of the free programs we do, for undergraduate medical students.


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