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Power The Lifeline Express

Power The Lifeline Express

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Impact India Foundation


How Impact changed  Prema's Life?

   Prema, was born with a Cleft Lip much to her parents’ disappointment. As she grew, Prema’s teeth began to show, disfiguring her mouth. This caused her much shame and embarrassment and that is why  she often stayed at home to avoid  comments. Prema became a recluse shunning events and the outdoors.  Prema’s parents were anxious about her future and despaired at finding any relief. One day the Lifeline Express (LLE) came to her village and Prema’s parents learnt that Cleft surgeries were conducted on the LLE free of cost. With hope in their hearts Prema was taken to the hospital train and registered for surgery. 

   Prema’s beautiful face was restored free of cost. She re-discovered life as she stepped out to take her place in the sun. The Lifeline Express has touched over a million lives of the rural poor, transforming their destinies forever.

"Groundwork of all happiness is good Health"

About us:

   With the whole hearted support of Indian Railways,Impact India Foundation (IIF) initiated a unique project – the Lifeline Express, the world’s first state-of-the-art hospital train on 16th July 1991.  For the last 26 years, the LLE has served approximately one million rural disabled with more than one lakh surgeries conducted, all free-of-cost, over 182 project's 

across 130 Districts in 18 States of the country - restoring sight, hearing, movement and correction of clefts,treatment of Epilepsy, Neurological and Dental problems


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Why this campaign?

  Impact India Foundation (IIF) appeals for the  support of a new Generator set for our seven-coach Lifeline Express (LLE) Hospital train.  A new machine with 320 KVA capacity is required to replace the existing one of 200 KVA capacity which is almost 10 years old.  The replacement has become essential with the addition of two coaches donated by the Indian Railways, to augment the services of the LLE to include Oral, Breast and Cervical Cancer, as well as, Family Planning, from December 2016 onwards. The increase in power consumption of the seven-coach LLE cannot be borne by the existing 200 KVA machine, particularly since projects are held in remote locations across India. The LLE’s electricity requirement is of huge quantity which is difficult to acquire in the field.  Therefore, IIF has to depend on Diesel Generator sets for day-to-day operations. 

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Our Vision:

  Action Today To Prevent Disability Tomorrow

Our mission is epitomized in the following words:-

     "I shall pass through this world once,

Any good therefore that i can do 

Or any kindness that i can show 

Let me do it now 

Let me not defer it neglect it 

For i  shall now pass this way again"

    To treat millions of people who are disabled by curable blindness, deafness and physical handicaps and deformities, by restoring sight, hearing, mobility and correction of facial deformities.

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Here's how you can help them make an Impact

 We request you to be a part of this act of  kindness by contributing to power the Train of Hope- The Lifeline Express , that brings state of the art healthcare facilities to the rural poor .

 You could also help spread the word by sharing the campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and come forward to offer support .


Our Team

Zelma Lazarus | Co-Founder- & Chief Executive  Officer

Mr. R. Sarin       |  Chairman  

Dr. Rajnish Gourh | Chief Operating Officer|

Neelam Kshirsagar | Head Project Development  |

Dr. Yagnik vaza | LLE Project Manager In-charge |

Contact us at

Email :- [email protected]

Website :-








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