IIT Bombay Sustainable Cycle Pooling Initiative


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IIT Bombay Sustainable Cycle Pooling Initiative


IIT Bombay has been working towards creating a green and sustainable environment. In a campus spread over 500 acres, transport becomes a crucial area affecting day to day activities. Modes of transport such as autos & buses have been tested and seems not to suffice the needs of all students during the time of more usage or even otherwise. Hence, an alternate system is explored to support the existing transportation facilities by inclusion of a dynamic cycle sharing system. While maintain the sanity of our enriched campus, the use of cycles will create environmental awareness while also encouraging health and fitness among IIT students and faculty.


1. It involves providing about 1000 cycles to be shared across 16 hostels with a population of over 10000

2. Several stations will be made in hostel areas and academic area, which are the more frequently visited spots by the students.

3. These stations will be manned for security purposes by a station manager. All the cycles will be painted in a single color and numbered to demarcate them from the personal cycles.

4. Cycle will be issued by an android device which can read students identity cards (NFC Code Enabled) and the same shall be used to issue keys of the cycle by the station manager against a student entry.

5. An application in the android device will display the number of cycles that are present at any particular station at anytime. It will be used by students to issue a cycle available to them. The same status can also be viewed at the station in the issuing device, this app will be made in house by the student council.

6. A student can enter details when issuing the cycle for the first time, and the same shall be reused for any future use.

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