Help us use non-recyclable waste to create unique and quirky products

By Amishi Shah

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The Upcycle Co.  - Creative. Sustainable. Unique.

We "upcycle"* the non-recyclable. And we make amazingly cool things out of it! 

*to repurpose something that cannot be used in its current form

In this 21st Century, the average person produces around 2 kg of waste per day. 25% of that is non-recyclable. You don’t need a math degree to calculate that it's a lot of waste.

But why does that have to be a bad thing? Why does that have to relate to overflowing landfills and natural catastrophes? 

The Upcycle Co. is here to change the way you see waste forever. We: 

•Use waste to design and handcraft products that are both useful and artistic. 

•Use waste for effective, on time and on budget mass production. 

•Use waste to create and not to burden our environment. 

For everyone at The Upcycle Co., results matter. To discover how much of an impact we’ve had, 

we recently did a research study with the help of a prestigious external body - the Tata Sustainability Group - 

and were pleased to find out that so far we have: 

•Upcycled 1000 kg of non-recyclable waste;

•Saved 1170 kg of carbon emissions in the process. 

About the Founder

  • My name is Amishi and I thought of this venture while pursuing my Master's in UK. During a module on entrepreneurship, I came across the concepts of upcycling and social enterprises. The thought that I could make money and do good was extremely exciting, however once I returned, I took up a job with a young startup in a brand management role. I began experimenting with upcycling in my spare time and soon realized that it could have huge potential in India. Upcycling was fun, simple and could be done with any waste lying at home and that is why people became attracted to it.  It filled the gap that was left behind by the recycling industry. I realized that  if I began a venture ever, the best time was now and so I took the plunge in early 2014. It's been two years and we have done a lot of work in this space and received a lot of recognition. Now we feel like it is time to scale and bring our venture to the next level so that we can more products with more kinds of waste which do not fit into the regular recycle chain. 

  • What we need:
  • We have created several designs and concepts for products from CD's, our second material, but we need working capital to be able to bring those designs to life and experiment with the samples. We also need a bigger team that can handle this new scope of work. The funds you provide will help use CD's in more everyday products, experiment with new materials and have a team that can keep this organization and movement going.


1) Rs. 500 - Your name in our weekly social media Thank You post of everyone who supported us.

2) Rs. 2,000  - A personalized Thank You email, a set of CD or vinyl record coasters + Rs. 500 reward.

3) Rs. 5,000 - All Rs. 2,000 rewards +  a CD I-Pad stand + a wall sticker

4) Rs. 20,000 - All Rs. 5,000 rewards + 2 of our newest products from our CD's collection + a music clock + Rs. 3,500 gift card redeemable at our online store

5) Rs. 50,000 - All Rs. 20,000 rewards + 

4 of our newest products from our CD's collection + 2 music clocks + Rs. 7,500 gift card redeemable at our online store

6) Rs. 1,00,000 - All Rs. 50,000 rewards + 

1 Piece of all our new products from our CD's collection and Music clocks collection + Rs. 20,000 gift card redeemable at our online store

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