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Mingalabar (Hi),

My name is Jeff, Director and Teacher at Theik Khar Myanmar Institute (Dignity Myanmar Institute in English), which is located in Taunggyi, southern Shan State. Theik Khar Myanmar Institute is fully non-profit, providing all our students with free education, accommodation, various activities & excursions, and a monthly stipend for food. We are currently running our 6th cohort of 30 students.

TKMI’s 15-month Arts & Social Sciences Program at our school in Taunggyi provides quality higher education and professional development opportunities to reduce the educational deficit and build a cohort of skilled individuals with the skills to help alleviate the immediate humanitarian crisis and build the foundation for longer-term development. Furthermore, TKMI also displays Myanmar, and the world, to the youth in different ways which they have never imagined though our Social Sciences Studies discussions and excursions to various organizations. In addition, the youth are able to build a powerful network of friends and leaders across Myanmar as well as learn from our outstanding local and international educators.

· TKMI offers a unique combination of foundational Social Science & Art curriculum

· The project select 30 youth from different regions, religions and ethnicities each year

· In this 15-month intensive training, students gain a deeper understsanding of: Human Rights, Citizenship, World Politics, Research Methodology, Poetry, Photography, Drama and also a space to grow: critical thinking, self-confidence, maturity by learning and sharing differences together.

· Provide the students the opportunity to gain work experience to different places of Myanmar to deliver awareness, skills and knowledge to various communities.

· The school year is divided into three terms of 14 weeks each: 

Term One – The Academic Term

Term Two – The Creative Term

Term Three – The Philosophical Term.

Over the years, TKMI alumni have become highly involved in bringing positive and sustainable change in their country, Myanmar. Many are now working with NGOs, CBOs, advocacy groups, some created their own organizations in the field of law, education and business, while some chose to pursuit their education abroad on scholarships or obtain short exposure in foreign countries through internships, conferences, and other educational activities.

We are at present in our sixth year and are looking to move the school to the countryside where we can be more sustainable, practical in our teaching methods and work closer with local communities. We have visited many lands approximately 30-45 minutes outside of Taunggyi and we are now looking for funding to be able to acquire a 7-acre land where we would later build our new school campus. The new school campus would have a 5 rooms school (2 classrooms, 1 library/computer lab, 1 office, 1 sport room (yoga, ping pong, gym), 1 male and 1 female dormitories, staff accommodation, 2 large gardens, an outdoor discussion area, a football field, and many other plants and trees. In order to fulfill this amazing project, we need 500,000 Indian Rupees (about USD$8,000). Kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser.

All the funds will be used to buy the 7-acre land, and if the amount surpass what us required, the extra funds will be put in the school campus construction. Estimated costs:

School rooms = USD500$ each

Students Dorms = USD1,000$ each

You can visit our facebook page also to find out more about the students, the school and our activities.

We are grateful for your help!

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