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Hi My name is Karenjit Weber and I am raising funds for my friend, Prabhakar. He is the one who takes care of our whole team while I am shooting. He is also the Mamaji (uncle) of Nisha, Asher and Noah. He is the sole bread winner which makes it very difficult for his family to bear the expenses of his treatment. He has a wife, a mother and his child who depend on him.

 He has been fighting Kidney failure. One year ago he was hospitalized in a horrible hospital that was not treating his condition properly and told him that he needed to remove his kidneys. They would have killed him for his organs. Daniel (my husband ) and I had no idea until the last minute and removed him from that place immediately and cleared his bills for release. We then admitted him in a proper hospital and he saw a kidney specialist who informed us that only 20% of his kidneys are functioning

With proper eating and medication he has been able to make it through the year. His entire family depends on him for their survival, making it nearly impossible for him to take the rest that he so badly requires for his medical condition. He has recently been hospitalized because he has complete kidney failure and has to be on dialysis. He was even recently pronounced dead on the table and somehow with the hand of God he was resuscitated and brought back to us. He now needs a kidney transplant so he can recover properly to live and work in the field that makes him so happy.


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 He is currently undergoing treatment at Criticare hospital in Andheri for dialysis and has been released for time being, until they can find a kidney donor. He has been suffering for more than a year and it has been a tough time for me and my family. Dialysis is his only hope at getting better and living a normal life. His treatment will cost approximately Rs. 10 lakhs just for the transplant. We are unable to pay for the treatment due to the amount that needs to be raised. Daniel, I  and some team members have been paying his medical bills since last year but this amount is going to be difficult to come up with ourselves.

All of us are eagerly awaiting his recovery. Once he gets better, I'm sure he would love to grow old and watch his son become a great man. It would mean the world to him, to be able to laugh and have fun on set as he has for so many years. He has traveled the world and is the most selfless human being I have ever met. He is my friend, my brother, and our family member. Prabhakar is the glue that holds us all together in our team, he is the one that makes sure we all eat, that I eat and drink and he takes care of my every need while we are working. He is the one that would drop everything to be by our side and help with anything. He is shy and he is small but has the biggest heart and deserves to be healthy and happy once more. He suffers but he has never complained once no matter how many times I ask him if he is okay. Each and every gesture will be extremely helpful, any amount of money will help even if it’s only Rs 100 ($1.50 USD).

I request you to kindly contribute towards his treatment and help him during this crucial time. Each contribution is important! Kindly share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help me reach the goal amount. We are grateful for your help!

Your love and generosity will help him for the rest of his life. Love you all! 

Yours Truly,

Sunny Leone/ Daniel Weber and our entire Team!.


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