15 year old Deekshit is scared of becoming an orphan

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My ninth birthday felt as though it happened yesterday.

“In one of our usual shopping trips, my mom had observed me eyeing the remote controlled car which was on display. I never asked my mother for much, I was aware that she did not have too much money at her disposal. Fast forward to the day of my birthday, my mum gave me a huge gift box. I was giddy with anticipation”.

When I finally got the chance to rip the box open, I went at it. To my surprise, it was the same remote controlled car I had wished was mine. My mother was gleaming and I ran to hug her. That day I vowed to myself that I’ll get a real car for my mom after I start working.

“My mom knew everything that I needed before I even got a chance to express it to her. After my dad passed away when I was in the third grade, my mom worked extra hard to double as a father for me and she was wonderful at it”. 

As time went by, my mom started getting sick. She would complain of constant headaches, lose balance while walking and feel drowsy often. She was growing old and I grew very scared of not being able to tend to her, as I was away at school most of the times. We decided to move to Bengaluru to my aunt’s house. She offered to take care of my mom. I was extremely happy because that meant I could focus on studying and making my mom proud. 

One day, I saw my mom walking towards the bathroom just as I was entering the house. I freshened up, ate and came back to start my college work but oddly enough, I still didn’t see my mom come out of the bathroom. I knocked the door and got no response. I panicked and I called all my cousins, together we broke the door open just to find her lying unconscious covered in her own blood.

“I didn’t know whether to cry or scream for the sheer amount of blood baffled me. My cousins calmed me down as we rushed her to the hospital”.

My world collapsed right in front of my eyes as the doctor uttered “you might want to sit down for this”. 

My mum was diagnosed with brain aneurysm. One of her blood vessels in the brain had swollen up so much that it burst and there was blood inside her brain. Surgery was her only option.

My cousins offered to take care of the surgery and it cost us Rs 15 lakhs. The brain surgery was successful and she was asked to remain hospitalized for 21 days and she was so weak that she was put on ventilator. My cousins came to my rescue even then and bore the costs for the additional expenses that were incurred due to her postoperative care. They amounted to Rs 6 lakhs. We eventually got her discharged and even though she was in no position to walk, I wanted to stay back and care of my mom. 

“The woman who had taught me to walk was bed-ridden and was barely able to get up. Never did I ever think it would come to this. She would often lose consciousness, forget people and enquire about my dead father thinking he was alive. She required help with everything from drinking water to going to the bathroom, everything had to be taken care of. She used to get increasingly agitated if we didn’t let her perform her tasks by herself”.

Doctors had mentioned that she would be better off in a rehabilitation center for a period of 6-12 months, however I was too attached to my 58 year old mother to be giving up on her when she needed me the most. In my eyes, it was like she was a kid and I felt blessed to be able to have a chance to repay her for all the times she had taken care of me.

“I breathed a huge sigh of relief thinking that the dark phase had passed away now that her brain surgery was successfully done. I was very happy taking care of my mom. But little did I know that things were going to go South from thereon”. 

For years, my mother hid a secret from me and never did I suspect it. I had no idea about the amount of discomfort she was experiencing. My mom was a fairly confident woman but that didn’t mean that ageing didn’t get to her. She was embarrassed to admit that her excretory organs did not work as well as they used to do before due to a medical condition known as rectal prolapse. 

By the time she could finally let me in on her secret, it was too late. I remember rushing to the washroom after hearing a loud thud. We wasted no time in taking her to the hospital after having found her unconscious on the bathroom floor. The scars of seeing her on the bathroom floor the first time were still fresh, now seeing her in the same situation for the second time completely broke me.

“My first thought was that after having already lost my father, I could not afford to lose my mother”.

The doctors told us that she cannot afford to use the washroom and that if she does, her situation will get even more complicated. I was in tears by the time I heard that she needs to endure the pain until her surgery is performed. They will perform a corrective surgery for her to be able to use the washroom comfortably. 

Additionally, the doctors told me that this surgery will mentally exhaust her further, which is why sending her to a rehab wasn’t an option anymore- it became a necessity.

The corrective surgery wasn’t the only thing she needed anymore, we also had to worry about her rehabilitation expenses.

After having borne the cost for a brain surgery and countless hospitalizations and ventilator support, our cousins didn’t have any money to spare. As a 15 year old who has no means to start working as of now, I had to resort to crowdfunding to make sure that my mom gets to live. 

My mom needs a rectal prolapse surgery. For time being, my mom is still at home as we don’t have the money to get her admitted to a rehabilitation center. She’s still extremely weak and the doctors have told us that it will be best to operate her in the next 4-6 weeks. The rectal prolapse surgery costs Rs 8 lakhs. After the rectal prolapse surgery, postoperative care in the form of admitting her to a rehab center is a must. The rehabilitation expense amount to Rs 90,000 per month, which comes up to Rs 10,80,000 for a year. 

I trust that your grace and generosity will be enough to save the only thing that ever mattered to me in my life; my mom. Each and every contribution of yours will be crucial in getting her closer to be able to live a normal life. Please donate to save my mother and do keep her in your prayers. Each and every share of yours on WhatsApp and Facebook will get me closer to saving my mum. 

Also, do keep us in your prayers.

Yours Sincerely,



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