Need help to escape from financial indebtedness

By NManohara Kurup

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Need help to escape from financialindebtedness



I,N.Manohara Kurup from Kerala, India, Mob:+919495211159, write this letteris to beg a help from you.

I was a most rich person in ourlocality. I amconducting a Ration Retail Shop.

Late my father arranged this shop for me.In order to keep his love I am continuing the 


But Government commission for the sale ofgoods is very low.

I was no initial money for the purchase ofgoods.

 So Iborrowed money from persons with huge interest.

I pledged my property in bank.

Arrears made me to sale my property.

Now I have only a small property where Ilive there.

I am now also under bank loan.

Now I have lost all wealth and facing financialindebtedness.

My wife is a diabetes patient. Need lot ofmoney for her treatment.

My elder son MBA, younger studying BSccourse.

 Myelder son is over aged. 29 years  old. 

Marriage proposal for him are in vain. 

All my bad fate is my financial scarcity.

Toescape from this situation I wish to start a network business in India,

Softwarefor this matrix costs aboutRs.40000/- (about US$600).

ButI have no money to invest. 

Soplease help me by depositing small amount of money in my Paypal verified emailid:


Orinform any one of the charitable institutions in your locality to give me ahelp. 


Godwill help you if you escape a sinking person like me.


We aregrateful for your help!


Expectingyour favorable response.





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