Have you ever ADOPTED a book before? This is your chance.

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Have You Ever ADOPTED A Book Before? This Is Your Chance. - story -2Have You Ever ADOPTED A Book Before? This Is Your Chance. - story -3

Mumbai's historic  Asiatic Library is home to some of the most priceless books and volumes.

Original Italian manuscript of Dante's Divine Comedy, 16th century Sanskrit manuscript Aranyaka Parvan of the Mahabharata,  The Sopara relics,   and other artefacts what are believed to be fragments from the Buddha's begging bowl are just some of them, to name a few.

While the library has been digitising these books and microfilming them, to restore history for the future generations, many books still remain to be digitised.

Have You Ever ADOPTED A Book Before? This Is Your Chance. - story -4

You can help restore and protect the book-history. 

Adopt-a-book is a Mumbai First initiative with the Asiatic library and the young readers of Mumbai to contribute and be a part of the city's heritage and history. 

It is our way of celebrating Daan Utsav, the festival of Giving. 

 Adopt a book initiative gives you the opportunity to support the conservation and digitisation of library books in need of repair. Every contribution helps to keep these books available for current and future faculty, scholars and students. 

The majority of the Library’s collections comprise of books and manuscripts dating from between the 15th – 18th centuries – the oldest book they have dates from the 1400s! As you can guess, the books’ great ages mean that they often need a little looking after – and some more so than others.

Over 28000 books, 2200 administrative reports, maps and old newspapers have been digitised but many books are still in dire need of repair.  All the funds collected will go in reparation of these books.

For this campaign, The idea is to create a sense of ownership among the people living in Mumbai to come forward and say they want to contribute to preserving our history. 

Digitisation and Microfilming are two ways that ensure that books are not lost and can be accessed by the coming generation through other mediums as well. The cost of digitisation differs from book to book and costs 4 rupees for 2 pages, while microfilming costs 9 rupees per page.

The Average cost of digitisation and microfilming of one book is Rs 10000 (Ten Thousand). ( As told by member of the library). 


SomeFacts about the Historic Asiatic Library and Asiatic Society of Mumbai:


·  Asiatic Society Town Hall- This is where Queen Victoria's proclamation in 1858 took place, which followed on the heels of the Indian Mutiny. Under the Proclamation, the East India Company was abolished, the task of administering the country was formally transferred to the Crown and India became a colony of the British Raj.

· It was at the Town Hall, now Asiatic Library, where part of Mahatama Gandhi ashes were kept so people could pay their last respects. 


What can you do?

1) Donate here to support Asiatic Library and share this campaign with your family, friends and all the loved ones and ask them to share

2) Make this your own fundraiser, run your own campaign for Asiatic Library. Just look on the right side, below the donate button to create a support fundraiser

3) Take a selfie with your library card and share "why libraries are so important ?", on social media?

4) Please use #AdoptABookAsiatic

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