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By Pamkhuila Shaiza

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My Inspiration

I came home (to Ukhrul, Manipur) after 15 years (after being away for studies and work in Europe and other Mainland India), and the unsurface road situation that I knew when I was young has gone worst. I am unable to walk even for half an hour without catching cold or fever from the dust during summer; or without waddling through water logging puddles and drainage wastes during rainy season. I guess this goes for many or all Tangkhuls (Tangkhul Tribe) living in Ukhrul Headquarter. The development or undeveloped road-infrastructure defines the living conditions and lifestyles of the people, and "our poor road" defines our backward living conditions. Absence of running tap, insufficient electricity, unsurface-dusty road, and living in abject poverty (without balance diet) defines "rural areas" in India and across the world, and my poor hometown comes under this "abject-rural" category.

I am here at Ukhrul for a short stay, and I have only 60 days to raise INR Two Crores or USD 30000 (through Impact Guru) tobuild the road. Help me build one. When the Politicians and Bureaucrats neglect the cause, society should take on the responsibility. When Government (Manipur)is an institution of the Elitist, individuals should take their own initiatives.  Since every individual forms a part of the society, it is everyone's responsibility to help construct road that will help us come out of the rural zone. Help Me, Help You.  Help me  build an "uncorrupt and transparent" infrastructure across Ukhrul Headquarter.


The Problem I am trying to solve: Facts and Information about the Cause

Surface road came to Ukhrul District around 1977-1979 during the Chief Ministership of Yangmaso Shaiza, where the 

General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) of the Border Road Organization (BRO) took the responsibility of constructing the Ukhrul District. Since then, no efforts has been made by the Manipur Government to construct road, and the district is now engulfed in dust. Some efforts were made by private society and organizations to improve the road, but corruption never allowed the working activities to make any headway. Every individual living in the society blame each other for the misconduct and fails to come up with constructive work. Even before fund have started to come in, people are out there to question my integrity in building the road, or blaming the activity of 'Impact Guru' as spam, which of course comes from people who doesn't know how there are many well-wishers like me around that could help this project come "alive". I believe in staying positive, and making my people to believe in bringing change and development, and this project getting materialized will help the same. Help my people realized what 'crowdfunding' is, or how it is beneficial for the growth of humanity.


Solution and Estimated Positive Impact of the Society


According to IndianCensus of 2011, there are one 183,115 population in Ukhrul District, wheremajority of the population lives in the headquarter. Construction of surfaceroad will bring infrastructural changes for all these people, and will ensurehealth safety, economic improvement, and change in community mindset towardsworking unitedly for good cause.


Fund Utilization and distribution

The project is to construct road of 4 miles stretched with bitumen, standard 200 mm crust, and 4 meters width, the estimated cost is INR 2 Crores, or USD 300,000. I intend to approach Manipur Road Construction or Assam Road Construction Companies, or the Tangkhuls to volunteer for construction purpose, once funding is raised. The  estimated plan of construction is from 1st May, 2017-10th May, 2017.

Thank you all.

Pamkhuila Shaiza

24th February, 2017

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