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Today, Education is a business. We want to offer education free of cost to students. We have developed a basic framework with our own funds. Currently, to recover the cost we are offering the packages at nominal rates, as low as Rs 300 for a subject for an yearly subscription. With your support, we will be able to offer educational packages free of cost. 

  • Learntowin is founded by Vijith and Sheena. Vijith is a former software employee and has 15 years of experience. Sheena is a former teacher. Both excelled in in their respective fields. In 2014, their daughter Diya started securing state level positions in competitive examinations. As parents, they started searching for quality training content in the internet and print. In 2016 she is ranked world number in Cyber Olympiad and English Olympiad. And they have decided to share with the world what they have achieved. 
  • Our campaign is for enhancing our current website into a full fledged one stop for all educative needs. We need the funds to source teaching videos and graphic- text contents. At current market rate for school level, some websites charge 20000 INR for a subject for a year.
  • We will be offering the packages free of cost to millions of students world wide with your generosity.

 Cost of the project - Software and apps development- USD 300,000, Multi media content (Including production, editing and consultancy fees to subject matter experts) USD 760,000, text and graphics content USD 150,000, Data Entry Charges and formatting USD 50,000, Dedicated Server Hosting for 5 years USD 18,000

  • The total requirement will be USD 1.28 million = INR Rs 8.24 Crores
  • By donating to our campaign you are providing free access to millions of students
  • If the campaign do not reach the goal, we will still be implementing the project in small steps based on the collected amount. We will be launching further campaigns for the short fall amount.

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