Your one help can save my Daughter by undergoing BMT

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Hi My name is Nitin Vinayak Harne and I am raising funds for my daughter, Ishwari. She like other kids of her age is unable to attend school. While she’s very sharp mentally, her body is extremely weak. Her weight is low, height is less and the structure of her head is small compared to other children her age. We recently found out that the cause of this, is an ailment called Fanconi Anaemia. It’s a condition that affects the body’s ability to produce any type of blood cells. If not cured, the production of blood can stop completely. The doctors said that because my daughter has a higher stage of this ailment, the only solution we have is a bone marrow transplant. But what came with this solution, is an amount that a simple man like me has never dreamt of - a staggering Rs. 15 lakh.

 My name is Nitin Vinayak Harane. I’m a primary teacher at a school in Thane district. I teach 25 children from tribal families and make Rs. 30,000 every month. I’m the sole breadwinner of my family of six members.I am the only earning person and my income still doesn't leave with enough to cover the cost of treatment. She has a father, a mother, She has been fighting rare autoimmune disorder. Last December was unusual, she developed fever and when we got her blood tests done, her reports were alarming. Her hemoglobin and platelet count had reduced drastically. Suddenly, Ishwari started vomiting containing blood and it hit us like a storm. We did not know what to do and were scared. We took her to the nearest hospital and it took us one hour to reach there. There is no other hospital nearby. On taking her to a well known hospital, They told us that she requires bone marrow transplant and stem cell therapy as a treatment and keep her alive. 

She is currently undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai. She has been suffering for more than a year and it has been a tough time for me and my family. Transplant is her only hope at getting better and living a normal life. She needs a Bone marrow transplant urgently. Her treatment will cost approximately Rs. 25 lakhs. Past few years have been difficult for us. A lot of responsibilities fell on my shoulders, all at once. Circumstances forced me to take a loan worth Rs. 13 lakh for my mother’s operation, sister’s wedding, and my younger brother’s education. And last year, Ishu’s sudden admission in the hospital and additional costs of the tests and medicines reached Rs. 1 lakh. To pay the admission fees and tests, I exhausted the emergency fund of my family and when that wasn’t enough, I ran to my relatives and friends for help. But now I need Rs. 15 lakh to be able to afford my Ishu’s life-saving treatment and I don’t know how I’m going to manage.

The funds raised will be used towards her:

  • Surgery
  • Doctor's Consultation Charges
  • Hospital Bills
  • Post-operative care
  • Medicines

All of us are eagerly awaiting her recovery. Once she gets better, I'm sure she would love to wants to become a doctor when she grows up. If I fail to pay for this treatment, I fear she’ll never get this chance to find out if she can. My baby has big dreams and I really want to see her live them. Please help me save my only daughter. I can’t imagine my life without my Ishwari.. Kindly help me save my little baby and take her home safely..

I request you to kindly contribute towards her treatment and help during our time of need. Each contribution is important! Kindly also share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help me reach my goal amount! We are grateful for your help!

Your One Help Can Save My Daughter By Undergoing BMT - story -1

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