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Fundraiser ended on Jun 15, 2020

Earthlings Trust- Help us with our fundraiser amid COVID-19 pandemic

Earthlings Trust- Help us with our fundraiser amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Earthlings Trust
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Earthlings Trust
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Earthlings Trust
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Earthlings Trust

Latest Update

We are withdrawing the pending INR 1300 and will use it to buy dog food.

Thankyou all for helping us out


In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, till the time the chain is broken, we will not see operations resuming like before.

In a country where animal welfare is a considered a first world concern, the facilities available are appaling. Add to that the lockdown and you can't move cities to provide animals with the best treatment possible. Following are the additional challenges that we have started facing in wake of this pandemic:

Blood tests- All the pathology labs related to animals are in Delhi and no, they are not allowed to enter Noida. Right now, we are getting all the essential blood tests done at our Vet in Noida and the running cost of his machines make us pay almost double of what we pay for blood tests. However, we can't skip this because we need accurate prognosis to start treatments and to monitor improvements.

Scarcity of food: It is scary. Our animals consume 500 kg rice, 100 kg daal, 50 kg soya and 100 kg dog food a month. We have rationed around 200 kg rice, 40 kg daal, 10 kg soya and 60 kg dog food but if this lockdown stays, we might not have enough food to last the distance. Unfortunately, whatever money we had, we spent it on rationing. We might have to resort to giving them dog food only, that too, if e-commerce websites deliver.

Lack of medical facilities: There is not a single private animal hospital in Noida, equipped with the usual stuff that you see at human hospitals. There are small clinics which are also opening only 1-2 hours a day. Surgeons are not available. Medicines are not available and all in all, if there is an emergency, we will be at the mercy of police standing at the border. We are stocking up necessary medicines in the wake of this horror and hopefully, we won't lose a soul to the restrictions imposed amid this pandemic.

Our regular fundraiser:

COVID-19 has changed the dimensions and the idea behind this fundraiser and how its funds will be used. In addition to all the new things that we mentioned above, this fundraiser has been created to help ET with the following three expenses:

1. Important surgeries

2. Quarterly medical supplies (tablets, injections, vaccines, specialized medicines for special needs dogs, drips etc.)

3. Pathology needs

Our Introduction:

Earthlings Trust is a home to 70+ dogs and has been helping dogs since December 2018.

From treating dogs with severe mange to treating bad maggot wounds, from getting critical surgeries done to vaccinating and spaying dogs in and around the shelter, we have successfully treated and released over 175 dogs in past 16 months apart from being a permanent home to 50+ dogs.

What we want out of this fundraiser?

We have three types of dogs at the shelter:

1. Sponsored- Dogs those are sponsored by their rescuers

2. One time sponsored- Dogs that were sponsored once or twice but were later left at the shelter to be taken care of by us and us alone

3. Unsponsored- Dogs that come from rescuers who are economically challenged i.e. slums, farmers, students, low middle class households

Out of our 70+ dogs, more than 60% are unsponsored. But that doesn't mean they won't get the same level of food, care and treatment as others. 

I and Sagarika Banerjee, the two founders of ET take care of these dogs on our own and pay for their blood tests, food expenses, vet visits etc. ourselves.

We are creating this fundraiser to so we can support those unsponsored dogs in a better manner because it has become increasingly overwhelming for us both.

Following is the breakup of the usage of funds:

1. Surgeries- We have to pay for a few critical surgeries. Usual surgeries are tumor removal, amputation, pinning etc. An average surgery costs around INR 10k and we have a total of 4 surgeries planned next month, totalling to INR 40k approx.

2. Medical supplies: With more than 60% of the dogs unsponsored, we have to pay for their treatment and that include plethora of medicines to be bought. Some of these medicines are Antibiotics ( Ceftriaxone, Cefoparazone, Sulbactum, Tazobactum, Amoxyrum etc.), painkillers, drips, deworming medicines, liver and kidney medicines etc. On an average, we buy medicines worth INR 25k a month i.e. INR 75k a quarter

3. Pathology needs: Cost of blood tests for sponsored dogs are borne by their sponsors. However, we get an average 40 blood tests done a month only for unsponsored dogs and that costs us around INR 15k a month i.e. INR 45k a quarter 

Our quarterly fundraiser will help us increase the volume of the number of cases we take without burdening our pockets further. This will enable us to provide premium care to the dogs that are with us.


#1 (02 Jul, 2020)

We are withdrawing the pending INR 1300 and will use it to buy dog food.

Thankyou all for helping us out

#2 (30 May, 2020)

We want to put this final update. We are extremely thankful to the kind people who donated even in this time. We know that it was ten times tougher to donate considering the uncertainty around but you all didn’t care one bit.. Our animals are blessed to gave people like you looking out for them... We are closing the campaign because we are moving on to the next step. We have about 35k left in this campaign for withdrawal. Following are the items that will be used for:

  1. Rice - 1000kg- INR 27000
  2. Masoor daal- 100kg- INR 8000

We hope things will get better. This much ration will last us another 15 days and we hope things are better after that.

#3 (12 May, 2020)

Dear Donors,

We are extremely grateful for all the help and support given by you towards supporting this cause. We would be utilizing these funds for the following :

1. Commercial gas cylinder- 15 - INR 1300 per cylindet

2. Cattle feed- 2000kg - INR 4 per kg

#4 (08 May, 2020)

With lockdown extending further and hundreds of dogs displacing in search of food, we see an increase in the number of dogs we feed each day.

Today's withdrawal is to procure food supplies i.e. rice, daal and soya. Meanwhile, you can always check out our facebook and insta pages for updates on feeding and other dogs at the shelter who are getting treatment, getting better and getting released..

#5 (30 Apr, 2020)

Dear Donors,

We are extremely grateful for all the help and support given by you towards supporting this cause. We would be utilizing these funds for the following :

1500kg rice to last 7 weeks- INR 45000

400 kg daal to last 7 weeks- INR 32000

200kg soya to last 7 weeks- INR 16000

500kg dog food- INR 50000

We would like to continue reaching more and more people and help them. For that, we will request you to keep supporting us in our endeavour.

#6 (30 Apr, 2020)

We are withdrawing these funds to procure Rice, daal and dog food now that the lockdown has extended

#7 (15 Apr, 2020)

Good Morning All

We want to thank everyone who has acknowledged our efforts in these torrid times. People have come out in our support by donating to us, sharing our campaign and posts as well as by saying nice things about us. All this means a lot to us and encourages us at a time when almost all our shoulders have dropped a little.

This campaign was created keeping in mind the hardships animals were going to face during the lockdown. As the lockdown extended, the period of hardships extended further. And now, we see this situation to go on and on since India is aggressively testing more and more people and that will result in more and more positive cases.

So, we are posting an update today for two reasons:

  1. We want to post some photos and videos of our daily street feeding regime.
  2. We want to extend our goal so we can help animals in need in a much better manner and to the best of our capability.

Following is a breakup of our daily costs only for feeding the animals on streets:

  1. Rice (22kg)- INR 660
  2. Masoor Dal (5kg)- INR 400
  3. Soya chunks (1kg)- INR 80
  4. Dog food (4 kg)- INR 400

Total cost for feeding 300+ dogs per day- INR 1,540

As you can see in the photos, whenever we are feeding dogs, stray cattle also comes to have food. In the past, we have ensured that they get green fodder once a week but that is sadly not enough. We fed 2500kg green fodder in the first week and 1700 kg in the second week. But the number of stray cattle continues to increase since our feeding area has three villages and people are abandoning their cattle every now and then.

We really want to make it a twice a week activity and that will need additional INR 20,000 per week (for 50,000 kgs of green fodder).

There are additional fuel costs as well which we are not including since we want to contribute something from our end too.. We are looking at additional 3 weeks of lockdown and that means, we need additional INR 92,340 to cater to the current capacity of animals till May 3, 2020.

In all probability, this lockdown will extend a further 3 weeks and that is why we want to raise another 92,340 for that period making the total additional amount of INR 1,85,000 (approx). Hence, we have revised our goal.

Lastly, to avoid such circumstances in future, we are hell bent on setting up a one of a kind community kitchen service wherein we will cook a minimum of 100 kg food each day which will feed a minimum of 1500 animals per day. It will require some additional infrastructure (not a lot since we will be setting it up in the shelter premise itself). But the first month of community kitchen will cost us INR 2,79,000 (100 kg food at INR 7700 per day, 13000 worth of gas cylinders, 15000 worth of fuel to deliver food to animal feeders across Noida and INR 20,000 for staff expenses). This is something we really wanna do so that no matter what pandemic hits our area, we are always ready. The community kitchen can also be used to do mass production for starving humans. We are not putting all that in our goal amount but this is definitely something which we want to do and seek help for if someone wants to.

Please be generous and donate so that the animals can sustain during the lockdown period.


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