2-month old Anirudh needs to get a 3-stage surgery to live

By Amrutha

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We don’t have much. We live in a dingy little house in an underdeveloped part of Bangalore. My husband drives an OLA cab and I handle household chores. He brings home Rs. 15,000 each month and we get by with our daily expenses on it. We don’t indulge in luxuries. 

But when I became pregnant, for the first time, my husband started piling up toys, clothes, books and whatnot for our child. We were excited for Anirudh’s arrival and when he was born earlier than expected my husband and I couldn’t contain our happiness. He was feeble; born premature, he had to immediately be put under treatment. But, we weren’t worried. 

Until the doctor told us that Anirudh was very ill. The premature birth had affected his bowel functions and he needed a 3-stage Colostomy. The surgery will take place in 3-parts and will cost a total of Rs. 5,50,000. 

The first stage of the surgery needed to be carried out immediately. I tried to borrow from my friends and relatives, but couldn’t collect much. So we decided to take a loan of Rs. 2,50,000 to save my child. We are still paying back EMI + interest for that. 

Now, we have to go forward with the second stage but have no funds for that. My little baby suffers every time he passes stool. His cries bring tears into my eyes too.

For last 2-months, we haven’t eaten or slept properly. We are constantly at the hospital trying to be there for our baby. Our house is still lined with decorations, we decided not to pull them down until Anirudh returns home, happy and healthy. 

Please contribute whatever you can. We need immediate help to pay for the second and third phase of this surgery. We both await Anirudh’s recovery. Sharing this story on Facebook and Whatsapp can also help us get more donations. 

Please pray for my son’s life.

Thank you,



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