Please help my 8 year old daughter get a heart transplant

By Kuldeep K Shahane

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I would like to thank all the donors for all the support they have provided.

By God’s grace, her transplant operation was completed successfully on the 12th of this month, post which she has been shifted to the regular ward from the ICU. She will be discharged in 10-15 days.

I request you to continue sharing and donating for  I still have to pay the pending hospital bills.


Hi, my name is Kuldeep K Shahane and I am raising funds for my daughter, Ahanti Shahane. She is an 8-year-old beautiful girl and a very good daughter. She was a brilliant student but unfortunately, she couldn't continue her education because of her health condition. She has always brought brightness in our life and smile on our face, I remember how happy we were when she was born.

She was 5 months old when she was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, our whole world turned upside down when Dr. said she will be needing a heart transplant. We tried hard to not let our emotion on our face and my daughter, she is a fighter, I saw her growing every day over our doubts and worries we had as a parent and her smile is just priceless.

Although she was doing good with medicinal support for all these years, It all started again in December 2016, she started having trouble with her health and we had to rush her to the hospital and it has been a nightmare for us after that. Our biggest fear was right at the door, we had to admit her to the hospital four times in 2017 and we have done all we can. A heart transplant is the only ray of hope to save her life. We have exhausted our savings, our families and friends have also been supporting us. She needs a Heart transplant urgently, her treatment will cost approximately Rs. 25,00,000. Being a father I just want to see her happy again, spreading her priceless smile and living without fear.

Request you to join hands with me and help my daughter get a heart transplant done at the earliest, you can also help me by sharing this with your friends and family.

The funds raised will be used towards her:

Heart Transplant:

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Hi everyone,

I want to thank you all from the core of my heart for your overwhelming support for my daughter, we have reached almost 90% within a span of just 6 days and I am sure that we will definitely collect the amount required for her transplant.

You all are like angels and it's only because of you there's a possibility for my daughter to get a new life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I salute you all for being such an exceptional human being.

I just want to update you regarding Ahanti's current condition:

She is at home right now on medicinal support and her transplant is being planned at Fortis Hospital, Mulund.  We are waiting for the heart match, transplant date cannot be planned or fixed as it can be today... or tomorrow or anytime soon. Honestly, I didn't expect to raise funds for her treatment in such short period of time.

She is always under our observation as she has many restrictions like food, fluid intake & excess of movements etc (apart from medicines).  So, it's our responsibility to keep her in stable condition physically & mentally till the transplant & we are doing our best.

I request you all to pray for my daughter. your blessings will do wonders for her & please keep sharing this as much as you can.

Thank you once again for making me realize that humanity still exists in this world...

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