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Library for Poor Children in India

Library for Poor Children in India

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Bread Society India
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Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society
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$ 3,455 Raised of $ 19,310

46 Donors in 76 days

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Bread Society India
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Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society

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My name is Ramamohan Rao Kakani and I am raising funds for BREAD SOCIETY for establishing 50 libraries benefiting 22000 students in rural government schools of AP and Telangana. We have already reached 4.5 lakh students through the 1024 libraries we have established in these states. The books are accessed by children between 5-14 and they are allowed to take the books home. This helps spread the joy of reading beyond the boundary of the school.

All the funds donated go to the library and we have no overhead costs (all work is done by

volunteers). All donors get individual feedback report on the utilization of their funds. We have end to end transparency and 100% traceability of funds utilization. We will provide the contacts of the school where your funds were utilized.

'Kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser.

We are grateful for your help!


50 new libraries will be established benefiting 22000 children. Since 2009, we have set up 1024

Children's libraries in government schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India providing

access to books for over 450,000 underprivileged students. Children inculcate reading habit and

develop self-confidence.


Government school students have virtually no access to library books. Most school libraries are kept in lock and key for fear that books will get tampered. The student cannot take books home and have to read only during the library period (45 minutes per week). 80% of the government schools are in rural areas where quality books are not available. Children also cannot afford to buy books. Reading is limited to academic books. The young minds have no easy access to wider variety of books.


Our library contains 600+ curated books with colorful graphic designs on a wide variety of subjects. The books are age appropriate. Children are allowed to take the books home. Student volunteers or library teacher operate the library. As children read more books on wider variety of topics, it increases their self-confidence and inculcates good reading habits at a young age.

Long-Term Impact 

Children's Library is a research based initiative to rejuvenate school education and to create a knowledge-based society. Each library caters to the needs of 440 poor students. It will serve thousands of students for well over two decades as new books are added annually. Literate parents and siblings also get to read the books at home. This helps improve intra family communications and strengthen relationships.

Donation Options under Impact Guru ara as under:

Rs.600 – Gift 20 books to a children’s library

Rs.900 – Gift 30 books to a children’s library

Rs.1800 – Gift 60 books to a children’s library

Rs.3000 – Gift 100 books to a children’s library

Rs.4500 – Gift 150 books to a children’s library

Rs.9000 – Gift 300 books or a bookcase to a children’s library

Rs.27000 – Gift a children’s library to a school

Rs.39000 – Gift a children’s library and add 40 books annually to it.


#1 (16 May, 2018)


#2 (08 May, 2018)

FEEDBACK REPORT to GLOBAL GIVING FOUNDATION & Impact Guru for March Accelerator of GGF – PROJECT ID #: 19863 

  • We have utilized the total amount of donation from the March 2018 Accelerator (statement attached) in anticipation of actual receipt of donations from GGF and including donations received through ImpactGuru on account of Accelerator.
  • We have gifted 40 books to 604 existing BREAD Children’s libraries in government schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in April 2018. We are attaching the list of 40 books and a statement of account with names of schools and contact numbers of headmasters and library teachers.
  • We have also set up three new libraries as two donors have made full contributions for setting up libraries through GGF and one through Impact Guru. They selected the schools and we set up libraries there. We are in the process of establishing one more library in the name of another donor who contributed a total of $ 1,000 (Ramana Kumar) with matching grant from his employer.

A field research study conducted by TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) sponsored by WATIS (Wipro Applying Thought In Schools) submitted its Report in October 2017. It had the following to say:

Achievements of BREAD Society’s school library program are extremely impressive both in terms of operational model as well as the many positive effects that have followed from the setting up of the libraries at select government schools.


a. The operational model:

i. It is likely that the libraries set up by the BREAD Society are the largest network of school libraries in the country established by any one organisation.

ii. Cost effectiveness and efficiency are the hallmark of the program with all funds that are raised being used for setting up the libraries in terms of procuring the books, supplying and maintaining the school libraries. The overheads are kept to the minimum through the voluntary effort of the BREAD Society members.


b. Use of the libraries:

i. The selection of books for the BREAD libraries is a careful one wherein without excessive expenditure, BREAD Society has been procuring books that cover various genres, attract student attention and interest.

ii. BREAD libraries are better than the libraries set up with funds provided by the government. BREAD libraries are better stocked with age-appropriate books for children’s reading.

iii. Students utilize the BREAD libraries more than the school libraries, drawing primarily upon the books in the BREAD libraries to complete a range of curricular and co-curricular activities.

iv. The study also provided evidence of books being used by the school teachers. Moreover, it emerged through the study that some parents too showed interest in the books borrowed home by the children.”

The study has pointed out that very few schools are visited by Members/Volunteers to monitor the program.

To overcome the deficiencies in monitoring the performance of libraries we spoke to headmasters/library teachers of all library schools, nearly a thousand schools, on telephone in December 2017. 

  • We have asked the headmasters/library teachers of 400 schools to which we supplied 80 additional books during 2017 whether they received the books. They all confirmed having received the books.
  • We then asked them whether they are lending books to students to take home to read and return. Most of them were lending books but some were not doing so for fear of damage/loss of books. We assured them that they will not be held responsible for losses/damages to books. We promised to replenish all schools with additional books every year from 2018.
  • We have also asked them to advise students to exchange library books among themselves during summer vacation so that they can read many more books and that they should also do brief write-ups on books by taking guidance from their siblings/parents. And BREAD Society will award prizes to ten students from each school for best write-ups based on recommendations of headmasters.

Global Giving Foundation’s field team may please visit any of the schools in the attached statement and ascertain the impact our library books are creating among children in the schools. Besides, they can contact any schools at random on telephone and assess the performance. Donors can also contact any school(s) on telephone and find out the utility of the library books donated by them.

Please note that schools remain closed during April-June and so contact them in July or thereafter.


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