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By TATA Group

Beneficiary Name : Wishing Wells

The objective of the initiative is to provide an opportunity for those in need to own a pair of running shoes. With shoes priced at Rs. 299/-, your generous gift of a pair of shoes will enable someone in need to lead a better quality of life – whether it is to run that extra mile as they chase their dreams or to simply experience the sheer joy of running.


Better Soles is an initiative by the Tata Group, inviting well-wishers to gift a pair of new running shoes to those in need.

The gifted shoes will be distributed to those in need through NGO partners. In 2019, more than 1000 shoes were distributed through this initiative to various NGOs. The beneficiaries included, among others, children from slum areas, children studying in BMC schools, children from the rag picking community, orphanages, children undergoing cancer treatment etc., across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

We urge you to help those in need and leave happy footprints on the recipients’ lives!

It's your chance to make a difference! Gift a pair of shoes today!

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ImpactGuru, India’s leading online crowdfunding platform, helps non-profits and individuals raise funds for social causes. It enables NGOs to focus on their core activities, by procuring materials like food, clothes, books etc. for their beneficiaries, with the help of donations coming in from kind donors worldwide. Alternatively, it’s a platform that facilitates donors to choose from a list of vetted causes and contribute towards the same.

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ImpactGuru is India’s leading online crowdfunding platform that helps non-profits and individuals to raise funds for social causes. Alternatively, it also facilitates kind donors worldwide to choose from a list of vetted causes and contribute to the same.
Donors with the intent of reaching out to the people in need, need not go out in search of the right NGOs, causes, products etc. You can order with ImpactGuru and we will do it on your behalf, merely at the click of a button. Every NGO/cause is vetted before approval of the campaign, ensuring a safe ‘Giving’ ecosystem for our donors. In other words, donating on ImpactGuru is: Convenience, Transparency, Impact, Repeat.
The products you donate, will be delivered either at the end of the campaign or once the target/goal is met. If the NGO requests us, we will be able to deliver it before the campaign ends as well.
We will keep the donors and supporters of the cause posted by displaying the updates on the fundraiser link. We will also be sharing fund utilization reports separately with them during the campaign period, as also after it ends.
Anyone above the age of 18 years can contribute to a fundraiser. For donors, less than 18 years of age, parent’s or guardian’s consent is required.
Follow the steps below to contribute to a cause.
  • Add product(s) to your cart - Choose the product and the quantity that you wish to give
  • Initiate donation - Make payment for the products in your cart
  • Get delivery status - Receive updates and utilisation report from our team
  • Share & spread the word - Every share of yours can bring more kind donors to this cause
The minimum contribution that you can make is Rs. 20. Having said that, ImpactGuru urges you to open your hearts and contribute more to any cause that you wish to support as it will help the NGO/individual to meet their goal amount faster, thereby accelerating the help which is going across to the beneficiaries.
ImpactGuru helps the NGO in procuring materials for its cause/program. A fundraiser is put up to seek donations from all over wherein the kind donors can choose from a list of products for the beneficiaries of the non-profit and donate for the same. ImpactGuru will ensure the products reach the beneficiaries and send back to the donors, timely updates and fund utilization reports. Donors with the intent of feeding the poor, giving clothes and books to the needy, need not go out searching for the right NGOs, causes, quality products, etc. ImpactGuru will do it for them by displaying a list of vetted NGOs/causes and products to choose from.
Yes, you can be shown as an ‘Anonymous donor’ to a fundraiser if you wish to. Just tick ‘Hide my name from public’ before making the payment. However, ImpactGuru, the payment gateways and the chosen non-profit will know of your identity to maintain compliance with Indian laws.
There are various methods to donate, such as:
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • UPI
  • Wallets including Paytm
Once you hit the ‘Donate Now’ button, you will find information about online payment options. On, you can donate online using debit or credit card as also with one of the many payment wallets.
On ImpactGuru, every share is as good as a donation. Once you have donated, share the fundraiser link on your Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as well as through other social media platforms. Spread the word and ensure maximum impact.
You can mail us your queries at [email protected].