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Widows are the women who has lost her spouse by death and has not married again.They are treated as inauspicious for any good event or functions.

The main problems faced by widows are:

1. Inheritance Rights: Majority of Indian Windows are deprived of their inheritance rights. If a widow has adult sons, she may enjoy it but if she is child less or has only daughters she actually faces problems.Widows are mostly deprived of their legal rights.

2. Prohibition of Remarriage: Some castes prohibit remarriage of widow. Others allow it provided that it is within the family. If a widow marries away, she loses to her children as well as property. The higher the caste, the more likely it is that widows remarriage is’ forbidden.

3. Observation of Mourning Rites: Windows are bound to observe some mourning rites in the family and society. They have to wear white sarees, foregoing all cosmetics, no bangles, no nose rings, flowers, Kukum and jewellery. Besides, they have to live on vegetarian diet. They remain in seclusion avoiding social gatherings such as wedding ceremony and temple worship.

4. Victim of violence:Widows are mainly accused for the cause of her husband's death as if she doesn't like her husband and wants him to die.Rape Forced marriage and sexual abuse are common problems in case of widows. 

At last the main problem is 

5. Economic Problem: Many widows come across economic hardship during their life. They are bound to send their children out to work to earn income instead of sending them to school for education. 

So with an intention to support the widows we are doing an event to provide widows with self employment kits.So that they can earn on their and send their children to school and also fight for their rights.So in this regard we kindly request you to please extend your support to make our event a successful one.

As per statistics there are 86874 widows in Hyderabad district of Telangan state.Its only about one district then what about others.

Do you all feel that widows should face so many problems with no fault of theirs.

About Us:

We are registered our self as AASSRA Foundation vide regd. No. 571/IV/2016 on 25th November 2016 at L.B.Nagar SRO, Hyderabad, Telangana.We are totally social service minded and are doing services what ever possible from our side.

On 12.02.2017 we have visited "Mathrusri Orphanage" to help the children's. We are very much thankful for all those who have supported us. May god bless their family abundantly with good peace and prosperous. We trust in future we will conduct many more charity events better than this and we hope there will be many more helping hands for such events.

On 19/02/2017 we have distributed food packets to poor and needy near Ramakrishnapuram and Safilguda Railway stations.We were very happy to see the happiness on the face of poor people.We also thank one and all who kept trust on us and donated to make our program a successfull.......

Today 26/Feb/2017 we have distributed Veg Biryani and Raita packets to poor and needy near Bowenpally Market , Safilguda Railway station and Neredmet X Roads.We were happy to receive the blessings from Hungry People.We sincerely thank one and all who kept trust on us and donated to make our program a successfull.......

On sunday (05/03/2017) we have distributed food packets to poor and needy near Patny,Tivoli,Lalbazar ans sainikpuri. Thanks for all the support and trust on us.....

On 02/04/2017 we have visited SRACO orphanage and provided them with lunch it was very thrilling experience........ My friends Nashima,Manoj,Harry,Tarun joined with me

On 14.05.2017 we have visited Pallavi anadha vridha ashram at Dundigal and have given them fruits and amount for eggs.

On 14/06/2017 we have started blood donors whatsapp group in all district of Telangana and right now we have totally 525 members who are ready to donate blood in case of emergency 24/7.

All your support is needed to people like them...........

Now after all this we are now planning to go ahead to do a event to support widows for self employment,We kindly request you all to please join hands.

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