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ORRISSA NGO is  raising a fund for the The project that will support 100 Adivasi Seed Mothers to conserve Climate Resilient local seeds, organise local women farmers groups and support 5,000 small family farms to produce enough food for their families and earn by selling surplus food, in Southern districts of Odisha state in India. We want our small and Marginal farmers not became Slaves of the powerful market. Rather, turn themselves capable enough to actively participate in the local market. The adivasi family farms are capable to feed the world if we support them to grow healthy foods without chemical fertilisers and no hybrids. They would grow healthy traditional foods in the natural way using the local organic inputs and CAN SUPPLY US HEALTHY FOODS. A small but timely support can help them get out of the cycles of crop loss due to climate change affects and debts. It would not only help them get out of debt but make them self reliant on their diverse agro-ecologically farmed food crop lands. This way we can deepen Our cultural and spiritual connections to nature and protect our volatile planet from disasters. Let us stop loosing our seeds, breeds, land, water, air, knowledge, health and We should remain sovereign to make decisions about our way of life. We together can stop the pre-existing structural inequalities in society and sustain the natural systems and processes of the planet.

Here's how the funds will be utilised 

PURPOSE Your Contribution in DollarsYour Contribution in   INR
1 Seed Mother would conduct a Group Crop Plan for 50 women farmers for the next crop season OR one village level training on climate resilient farming can be conducted for 50 women farmers10670
1 Seed Mother's 50 member women farmer group would raise a Seasonal Vegetable Nursery for their members201340
1 Seed Mother would get trained on key practices (i.e. Seed Treatment, Seed Collection, Seed Storage, Multi-layer crop, In-situ conservation of water/soil nutrient, preparation of pest repelants)302010
1 adivasi women farmer would create her own family compost pit.402680
1 adivasi women farmer would establish her family Mix-crop field OR Enrich her Family Backyard OR Create Goat Shed/Poultry Shed OR Create Bucket Drip-Irrigation for her small crop field503350
1 Marginal adivasi women farmer can buy Goats for her family OR Buy Poultry OR can Start a Small Vending business of local products604020
1 drudgery reduction farm tool kit can be bought for 1 Seed Mother led 50 women farmer group OR Seed Production by the adivasi women farmer's group805360
1 Adivasi women Farmer would establish her climate resilient crop field OR ii) 1 Adivasi Seed Mother would create a small Nursery OR iii) Group Cultivation of drought resistant crops by landless1006700

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