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Those who are meant to shape the future folds of destiny..
 Don’t need peans or requiems…
 To chase away the irresistible whimpers of malignant reality

                                                                                                                      -Siddhartha Mukherjee

Meet Leelambika -  A Born Fighter
Most are wired from birth to accommodate the whims of a torturous fate,but there are some like Leelambika who have that courage and depth of character required to make it dance to the tunes of their own limitless conviction. This 29 year old computer teacher from Bengaluru is known amongst her friends, family and peers as a doer who loves to enjoy life to the fullest on her own terms. A highly qualified professional, Leelambika refused the greener pastures of a corporate career to inspire others to think bold and dream big as a teacher and since then she has made a huge positive impact in the lives of many students.

But Leelambika’s test of fate was yet to come
Fate generally tends to test those who it sees as worthy of itself and Leelambika’s baptism of courage came when she met with a cruel accident on the 16th of last month. She was knocked down by a speeding public bus and then brought to the nearest hospital for treatment by a kind hearted samaritan. Leelambika has been fighting for her life since then. She has suffered severe injuries and her right leg was totally smothered into powder. She has undergone a number of surgeries and other forms of treatment including extensive physiotherapy to get fit however being able to walk is a distant dream.

But Leelambika is a fighter
Her career has been derailed, her beau has broken off their engagement. She needs more surgeries to be able to walk again and the treatment cost is worth 5Lacs.  She does not have the money to pay for it. Leelambika’s battle has been a tough one but her students have been her source of strength as she still continues to fight.

Her students come to the rescue. You can help too!
Many of her students, still listless by what has happened to their teacher have started this fundraising campaign to elicit support. They have taken it upon themselves to fundraise for her treatment. They have been encouraging their friends and family to donate to this cause but the goal is large.

Please come forward to make a generous donation to help achieve this fundraising goal. Share this story on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and email to spread the word so your friends and family can come forward to save her life.

So come on! Rise up from your slumber and empower this dreamer to reclaim her life and change the world.

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