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    Life isn’t about finding yourself…Life is about creating yourself!

 - George Bernard Shaw


Have we ever wondered why even after some 20 years in education we have not been able to lead the remaining 50-60 years as exciting charged up life? Why are so many people falling into depression with a dominant sense that they have been unable to fulfill their life’s purpose? Why even after spending so much on educating its citizens, a nation is unable to generate a highly energetic working crowd that contributes the best of its energies to a prospering nation and a happier world?


Somehow in our most impressionable learning years our education has failed to help us value things that really matter, it has failed to help us be self aware and realize our own potential, it has failed to give us enough positive creative experiences to broaden our own perspectives and gain the confidence of executing things in our area of liking.

If we wish to experience more fulfilling lives and a happier world around......then Creative Confidence is not an option, it is NEED OF THE HOUR!

On what we aim to achieve:

Our current mission is to help teenagers realize themselves and help manifest their creativity in the world around them. We wish to see them growing into graceful adults who are here to impact the world for the good!

The money we raise will go towards:

Creating awareness about Creative Confidence in 1000 teenagers by holding one hour fun, interactive, activity based talks on self awareness, self worth, emotional intelligence and self expression.

Who are we and why do we need to raise funds?

Creative Kabira is a social enterprise and comes with a core value that every person is born creative and is capable of designing his own life. ‘Kabira’ is Arabic word which means noble or great. Creative Kabira comes with belief that there a sacred element to humanity and every action which is deeply fulfilling for the self will also benefit the community at large.

In our journey till now we realized a lot of awareness is needed about the idea of Creative Confidence in every child, primarily because people do not know such a solution is POSSIBLE! Giving snippets of powerful experiences makes people aware about the POSSIBILITIES.


Know more about us, our team and work by visiting us on:

Website: www.creativekabira.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Creative-Kabira-1530087537251608/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/creativekabira

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/activities/anuja-agarwal+0_1mcJEGRdcgKQsLc-BePFU0?trk=nav_responsive_sub_nav_yourupdates


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