Your generosity and ImpactGuru fulfil the wish of a dying mother

By: Trinete Rodregues

Published On: June 12, 2020


Just as Shanaz breathed her last, she recorded a video pleading for support. Her newborn baby was suffering from a spinal cord disorder and needed all the help he could get. His father was stranded miles away from him due to the nationwide lockdown. One-month-old baby Shakeel was left fighting for his life without the support of his parents, but not for long!


You read Shakeel’s heartbreaking story and came to his rescue. The baby boy is now out of harm’s way and wishes to thank all you lovely donors for saving his life. The power of crowdfunding through the ImpactGuru platform became infant Shakeel’s protectors. The spirit of humanity has helped a little boy live to see the world and his future.


Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Continue to help us impact the lives of people all around the world. Your kindness matters!


Editor's Note: With a heavy heart we wish to inform you that Baby Shakeel was too weak and has left us. We appreciate all the prayers and assistance from the donors and their spirit of generosity.


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