Run For Your Campus

Run For Your Campus


'Run For Your Campus', a joint initiative of IIT Bombay and Chapter 3, aims to bring together the entire ecosystem of alumni, faculty and students of various campuses and institutes to promote interaction and instil a sense of nostalgia attached with the alumni's college life. The students, alumni, professors and supporters will all choose to run for 5 or 11 kms.

The run gives a chance to all running and fitness enthusiasts to visit the scenic IIT Bombay campus at the peak of its beauty. With the race scheduled for 28th August 2016, it is right at the peak of the famous Mumbai monsoon and the lush green IIT Bombay campus serves as the icing on the cake!


While everyone has different personal motivations for running, many runners, just like you, want to run for a cause. Not only does it give you an extra reason, an extra incentive, an extra purpose for running but makes the experience all the better knowing you are helping others in the process.

This is the essence of this initiative. We want to provide a platform for the alumni of an institute to meet its present students, exchange ideas and instill a feeling of giving back to the institute through various fundraisers. You’ve taken a huge step to bettering your life by being active, now help better someone else’s life too. Let’s shower these causes with your support now!