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Multiply your fundraising power with faster transactions, wider reach and leveraging CSR budgets. More funds equals to bigger change.

How it works?

NGOs can raise funds through donation crowdfunding and rewards crowdfunding.

Start a campaign

Promote it through social media, newsletters, customised emails to existing donor base and mainstream media

Get donations and deliver rewards and updates on your project

Why start a crowdfunding Campaign with us?

Bigger Network: Impact Guru connects you with a much larger audience on the internet that would be a potential donor base to help you reach a large target through multiple, small contributions.

Hassle-free: Forget the trouble of door-to-door campaigns and frequent calls to donors, here’s a quick and easy way to connect to millions of people on the internet

Easy Online Payments: Quick online transaction of funds through payment gateways, making it easier for people to donate from wherever they are and giving you access outside your geographical reach.

Leverage CSR Partnerships: As a registered NGO, you get an opportunity to showcase your cause to corporates and attract donations from their CSR programs.