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Save Critical Patients In India With GEM Subscription

GEM, a monthly donation subscription, provides urgent financial help to lakhs of patients who wouldn’t have access to life-saving treatment otherwise.

Give Every Month to:

  • Impact Guru Provide timely treatment to critical patients in India.
  • Impact Guru Save them from life-long financial debts.
  • Impact Guru Support a minimum of 12 lives each year!
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What Makes GEM
Subscription Different?

join a community

Join an exclusive community of changemakers like

receive token of gratitude

Receive tokens of gratitude like letters, videos from patients you helped.

join a community

Receive 80G tax benefits to promote long-term, mindful giving.

receive token of gratitude

Unlock rewards like insurance, vouchers & the smiles of people you help!

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Give On Your Terms

Customise your subscription with your chosen donation amount and type of cause that you wish to support.

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Save Precious Time

Monthly donations are automatically directed to urgent fundraisers on ImpactGuru.

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100% Transparency

GEM Donors receive monthly reports on how their donations were utilised.

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Why Choose Us?

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The ImpactGuru family has grown to include lakhs of Indians - who now have unified faith in crowdfunding thanks to the success stories and inspiring initiatives led by ImpactGuru. We are delighted to be at the forefront of the medical sector, catering to, caring for, and assisting with fundraising for all.

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Khushboo Jain
Co-Founder, ImpactGuru
₹2000 Crore+*
*Inclusive of funds raised by our
crowdfunding partners
*Inclusive of funds raised by our crowdfunding partners
30 Lac+
Generous Donors
2 Lac+
Fundraisers Created Successfully
Fastest ₹1 Crore
Raised In 24 Hrs!


ImpactGuru provides an opportunity specially designed for all our donors to amplify their impact. Just click on the “Donate Monthly” button and fill in the necessary details such as your chosen donation amount, how you would like to pay etc. Once you’re done, your monthly subscription on ImpactGuru gets activated within 48 hours!

Once your monthly subscription is activated, your chosen amount is debited at the date of activation each month. So if you donated on the 25th of January, your next monthly auto-debit will take place on the 25th of February, then 25th of March and so on.
  • You will also receive monthly updates and reports on how and where your funds are being utilized as well as other privileged information.
  • You can avail 80G tax benefits.
  • You can cancel your donations anytime through your dashboard.
You can also reach out to us anytime for any more specific concerns or updates here [email protected] and here: 180 089 12903

You can cancel your monthly donations anytime directly through your dashboard.

Monthly donors make a difference to children at the most critical time, amplifying their impact 3 times more than a one-time donor. Aside from the joy of giving to causes and improving young lives around the nation, our donors also enjoy services exclusive to the Community. We quickly summarize the benefits of monthly donations on ImpactGuru below:
  • Make real time impact by supporting urgent fundraisers at the earliest.
  • Give back to their community without worrying about time-constraints.
  • All monthly debits are online, automatic and quick!
  • Get monthly reports and updates to track your chosen cause’s progress
  • Easy cancellation when you need a break.
  • 80G Tax benefits, receipts and the satisfaction of doing a good deed consistently!

All recurring donors receive monthly reports regarding fund utilization. You can also review your donations and intended impact on the fundraisers you have donated to directly through your dashboard.

If you wish to edit your subscription amount, reach out to us here for assistance: 180 089 12903 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Yes, Indian donors can avail 80G tax benefits on their monthly donations.

All transactions made via ImpactGuru are secure by the highest standards of SSL encryption available.

Yes, international donors can subscribe to ImpactGuru’s monthly donation initiative.