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What is crowdfunding for a marathon?

  • check-box Pooling in small amount of funds from a large number of people online for the cause close to your heart that makes your marathon run worthwhile.
  • check-box Using the power of Internet to raise awareness amongst people and inspiring many to run for overall community’s benefit.
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Raise funds

Gather financial support as you run for the cause which is close to your heart.

Marathon crowdfunding 3

Spread awareness

By running for a marathon and bringing people’s attention to a difficult situation or even a bright solution.

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Fundraiser while you train

Keep updating people who back your cause for the marathon about your preparation for the D-day.

Pledge your Run

How it works?

How Marathon crowdfunding works

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So, stop toeing behind the starting line. Lace up your shoes, strengthen up your spirit. It’s time...

Run fast but together. Run for a reason.

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