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My name is Sachin Pol and I am raising funds for Mr.Ramchandra Pol.

Mr. Ramchandra pol a resident of a village near Pune city in Maharashtra state of India a caring husband, great father, good friend and a wonderful human being. He earns his living by working hard in a shop which produces Plastic utensils.

His life took an unanticipated turn and put him in a situation where he had to be admitted to Poona Hospital & Research Centre’s ICU on 15th AUG 2017 when all other country men were celebrating the Independence Day in India.

He is diagnosed with Community acquired Pneumonia with Dengue haemorrhagic Fever. During the early treatment, he went in unconscious state and was put on ventilator for 14 days.

He is already been in the ICU for more than 15 days now & being the sole earning member in his family, it has been incredibly difficult for his family and friends to be able to provide for the cost of Hospitals, Medicines & Daily expense on Family. Avg “Daily cost” of his treatment is much more than his monthly income”, which is making it extremely difficult to financially sustain this event.

During the initial diagnosis & first few days of treatment , doctors did  give up the hope & and suggested to take final call on his treatment as there was absolutely no progress for first 10 days of treatment and heavy expenses. Despite recommendation from the doctors that there is no more than 10 % chances of survival for Ramchandra , His family and friends are not ready to leave any stone unturned & continued the treatment.

All of his relatives & friends have pitched in to help in this case & paid for his treatment. Till now they have managed the expense by giving away there all their savings and donations received from the relatives, friends & charitable trusts.

After 14 days of patience & faith on THE almighty along with strong will power by Ramchandra, he has started responding to the treatment and given a new ray of hope for all his friends and his family. As per doctors opinion his chances for survival are close to 70% & it is no less than a miracle he is not on ventilator any more.

Seeing this response from Ramchandra, we (all his friends) are determined to gather whatever help we can for our dear friend & in the end saving a life of an individual as well as saving a Family’s future.

He requires ICU stay for at least 10-15 days. The approximate expenditure for his treatment and to manage the family’s expenses will be around 15,00,000 - 18,00,000.

We request all of you to donate whole heartedly in his medical treatment and pray for his good health he definitely can be saved. This help will not only save him but also will give strength to his family to great extent in their tough times.

We are grateful for your help!

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