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Sometimes we face a situation where we feel helpless. How many times have we paid bribe, right from school and college to getting a job, from a peon to people sitting in big chairs? How many times have we seen some goon thrashing somebody in public? Although gov have made rules yet we see that there are Liquor shops right in-front of police station on Highways, gov has released funds for "Clean India initiative" but we see walls and the money has gone in the pockets of others. 

And the point is that we know all this, who is asking bribe, who is the goon, who is eating money provided for our benefits but we can't do nothing. Even if somebody wants to try to raise his/her voice against all this, he/she has fear of getting reverse cases by goons and other corrupt officers. 

Corruption is involved in every vertical as of now as you already know and there are 2 major issues that common people face on the regular basis those are:

1.  They have fear of goons and corrupt officers that if they file case reverse action can happen and they / their family can be thrashed by these goons. 

2.  Because of that nobody wants to disclose their identity and do not get involved in police case or whatever.

Same applies for a good deeds as well i.e. if somebody is doing something good, he/she doesn't gets highlighted or get proper opportunity as there are middle man involved. Would like to bring notice to Mr. Dashrath Manjhi's ( The Mountain Man) story in this regard. 

Raise your voice against corruption and crime anonymously. - story -3

Many times it happens although gov have created the schemes yet people are not getting benefited by it and the fund goes to the middle man involved. For example somebody recently reported me that there are liquor shops on the highway of Lucknow although it have been banned.

What XPOSE does, it gives everybody an opportunity to become a part of creating a better society. User's can upload pics, videos or audio-recording taken in real time or write text posts of an incident happen to them. One of the major value adding point is that the user's can be totally anonymous while doing so. So they can be totally safe. For the sake of verification, user's have to disclose their location while creating any post so that we come to know that user was physically present at the location while doing so.

Raise your voice against corruption and crime anonymously. - story -4

Further for your security we have added a feature called anonymous reporting so that you can report something without disclosing your identity to others and your post will be visible publicly everybody to see. 

Raise your voice against corruption and crime anonymously. - story -4

So let's join hands and rather then discussing things over coffee and news paper, let's take responsibility of being a good citizen and raise our voice against corruption.

Current Progress:

Get Android app from the link below:


iOS version is on the way. Keep an eye on it.

What will be the fund used for:

1. Marketing and promotion of the app so that it can reach to the people in the remote places of the country so that everybody can get justice.

2. Launching website highlighting topics reported by people.

3. Creating better tech.

4. Getting media and Gov involved in the causes.

We are grateful for your help!

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