Road Safety Awareness Training at Schools and Colleges

By Srinivasan Ramasubramanian

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Hi Patrons,

I have approached many school and colleges for conducting Road Safety Awareness training, they all want to have the session, but if i say it is to be charges Rs. 2,500/- per session, they all back out. By all means, i am finding it very difficult to manage my personal finance without earning. I humbly request you to all to support me in every means to conduct as many as sessions in India. 

Sadly, in India, everyday 400 people are losing their lives on roads. Schools and colleges are the best place to impart this discpline and if we bring a great sense of road safety, safe driving, lane system, etc to one generation, future generations would follow.

Presently, i am conducting Road Safety Training in at home town for school children, college students, commercial vehicle drivers (for IT industries), employees of manufacturing industries, residents at apartments etc. 

I have prepared my own curriculum (of course lot downloaded from internet) and with that i do conduct the session. I have split my curriculum into three.

Curriculum on Road Safety:

The curriculum of Road Safety has been divided into three categories.

  • #Safe to School – Safe to Home
  • #IDriveSafe
  • #IDriveResponsibily

1. #Safe to School – Safe to Home:

This is for children from 2nd standard and upto 6th Standard. The session covers Basic Road Rules, General Traffic Signals, Understanding the Language of Roads, Police Traffic Hand Signals, General Road Signs, Rules to Ensure Road Safety for Kids and Kid’s Bicycle Safety Rules.

The session  would be followed by a 21 short demonstration videos viz Getting Ready to School, Difficulty of Road Accidents, Walking on Road, Crossing the Road, Zebra Crossing, Single Lane Road Crossing, Two Lane Road Crossing, Four Lane Road Crossing, Walking from Behind a Vehicle, Crossing at Police Signal, Pelican Crossing, Crossing Roads at Night, Travelling to Schools in Autos, Travelling in Cars, Travelling in Bus, Riding a Cycle, Walking at Night, Playing on Roads and Mobile Phone Driving.

The session would be of 60 mins on Presentation and 27 minutes of Demonstration Videos and 3 mins FAQ’s. In order to make the session interactive, the children would be asked five questions, one each in between the session and a small gift would be given to the children who would answer them right. This is to keep the kid attentive.


2. #IDriveSafe:

This is for Children from 7th standard to general public. The session starts with a small demonstrative video “Driving in India”. This would be followed with a brief on General Road Rules, General Road Signs, General Traffic Signs, Traffic Signals, Police Hand Signals, Basic Rules of the Road, The Golden Rules of Road Safety, 10 Golden Rules of Defensive Driving, Common Mistakes to be avoided on Roads, 10 Worst Driving Habits, 5 Highly irritative driving habits on Roads, Simple Tips on Highway Driving, How to cope up with an accident, introduction to First Aid for accident victims, a brief of good Samaritans law, and organ donation. Participants would be asked five different questions in between the sessions and would be suitably rewarded for their correct answers. The session would be followed by  demonstration videos viz “Seatbelt Crew” Video, Mobile Phone Driving Testimonial,  Live Accidents caught on Camera’s and a small video on Mobile phone accident. The session would be of 90 mins and 15 mins demo videos and 5 mins FAQ ‘s.

3. #IDriveResponsibily:

A refresher programme for commercial and institutional drivers. The session starts with a video on Driving in India, followed with a brief on Pre-Inspection of Vehicle, Golden rules of road safety, Leading cause of collisions, Accident avoidance tips, six most unsafe driving behaviour, driving hazards, vehicle maintenance, fatique, keeping cool in traffic, driving at night, and ergonomics. On behaviour front, I take up basics ethics of drivers, qualities of good driver, personality, driver grooming / etiquette etc.

As a part of road safety awareness sessions, I would also help school children, college students, NSS volunteers, Drivers to be the part of road safety patrolling ie assisting the traffic police at peak time in managing the traffic. This activity will give the participants a real time experience on road traffic and the numerous traffic violations the fellow motorist commit. By doing this activity, the participants know the problem face by the traffic police and they themselves know what not to do in the traffic next time.

Besides, with the approval from police department, i do conduct weekly road safety awareness drive at various signals with the support of NSS Volunteers from colleges. We do distribute Road Safety handouts, show them road safety placards, carry the message of the importance of wearing the helmet, wearing a seat belt, following lane discipline etc. Also, with support of sponsors, we identify good and disciplined motorists and felicitate them with small gifts and prizes.

I have sent-in my proposal to various corporate’s to adopt one signal per company. They should maintain the signal with respect to working of all lights, marking of all required road signs, pedestrian marks, sign boards, etc. They also have been requested to depute the interested employees at the signal to assist the traffic policeman. Corporate’s do get publicity thru this and they also can book this expense under their CSR.

In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians, i had suggested the police department and national highways department, to mark Pedestrian Island (where ever it is possible), so that during the red signal, pedestrians can stay safe.

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