Why Not Donate Organs - All India Organ Donation drive !

By Rajesh Naidu

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Be an Organ Donor

The Purpose of this Social Awareness Drive is ‘To Save More Lives’ by Donating Organs.

Our Goal impact 2 Million People’s Lives


The rate of organ donation in India is only 0.26% per million people.

In India, every year, nearly 5,00,000 people die, because of the unavailability of an organ that could have saved their lives. Imagine a situation where your loved one is battling a severe illness, and the only way to combat it, is to replace the dysfunctional organ. You apply for an organ transplant, and the endless wait begins. 


One organ donor can save 8 lives!


Map & Route of road trip

Mr. Rajesh Naidu pledged to be the initiator of this drive

His intention is to embark upon a road trip to 24 cities around the country, and counsel people on the fears that stop them from being donors. While this is a long term plan spread over the next 3 years, the goal of the 2017 road trip is to impact 2 million people’s lives, by setting up workshops, quizzes, and awareness programs all over India. 


The sad fact is that if people are not educated about it, more patients will continue to die in pursuit of waiting for a transplant. It is not enough on our part just to support the act of organ donation. We need to be a part of it by becoming a donor, as well as doing our bit is raising awareness about it.


In order to facilitate this organ donation road trip, they seek your help. With your collective support and help from Mohan Foundation, the raised funds would be utilized for marketing and advertising the events, taking care of food and accommodation of the travelers, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Road trip scheduling

You can support this campaign by directly donation to them, as well as spreading their message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

It kills people to stand in line - Be the change & save lives!

Remember that every share is equivalent to a financial donation, so don’t hesitate to tag and share it with your friends. It is these small gestures that can save millions of lives!

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