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The idea behind developing WhatACart, an Opensoure Ecommerce Platform, is to come up with a web platform based on latest technology wherein vendors/”end users” can easily build up a highly performance efficient, easy-to-use and scalable online store for themselves, to meet their business needs.

The WhatACart platform is already part of Open Source community for others to contribute in this whole cause.

With the above intent, the work was started on this project in March 2015.  And so far funding for this project has been managed  through our internal assets within the project team of Usha Informatique.  However, we are about to exhaust with the project funds available to us internally for the project and now we have started exploring to find some funding support from community so that the entire work, which has been done so far on this project, should not go waste if we fail to continue with the development and maintenance of the project due to insufficient funds.

The version 1 of the project http://whatacart.com has already been launched last year in October 2016 and a very positive and good feedback/comments were received through linked-in community and we were appreciated in that regard. There has already been 1000+ downloads completed for the product till now.
And it is being felt that version 2 of the project, work for which is underway, MUST make it far better, reliable, robust and much easier to use with. The release for version 2 is planned very soon.
Hence, our sincere request put forth is to seek help from community and  if you are able to support for the project with whatever donation amount you can afford – that would become a real source of financial support for us to carry forward our project work towards the goals which we have set up for this open source project. We really thank all of you in advance.
For detailed view of the current ongoing activities on version-2 of WhatACart, please spare few minutes to go through our slide show above.

Note: Please look at the slideshow above to have the idea of the current status of the project. Use the dots displayed in the footer of the slideshow to navigate through the slides.

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