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There are around  7.125 billion souls existing on this planet right now including yours and mine.Still increasing with a  360,000 births per day and alongside 151,600 people dying each day. Unaware of the time one has to go we still live whatever be the condition hoping for a better life in the coming days.Well, for us who can read and write ..talk and walk ...and who can afford a living , we have a 1000 percent chance of bettering our life with our potentials ..but this is only possible only because we have what it requires to make it. Now this is just about you and me, We are a huge planet ...almost filling every corner of it. Its hard to know that there are a many being killed without even being aware of the reasons why it happens to them ...farmers...poor children ...abandoned old men and women. Yes we could all help them too. Even a little to these people means a lot and i have seen it. We those who have the power won't let it help the weak grow but selfish enough to limit to just our own body. So basically I aim at travelling around the world to those corners and cities in my country and if possible around the world a bit by bit to help as many as i can ..who deserve it ...who have such stories which would give you chills, I cannot beg further but just hope for an honest and generous heart and understand the pain and helplessness they face everyday every hour. Get into their shoes and live it for a minute ..you won't be able to  i am sure. lets make it possible for this place for once to actually become better and survive for longer. iI request to each one of you to share and help these people out by atlas a Rs100....Yes it could change a lot.

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