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People are purposely and ignorantly waste one of the greatest and unique nature’s gifts – Water without which nothing will survive on Earth! People think that water will be available continuously that it will never end, but not. See the history of bore wells, it has only 5o to 75 years of history (Rapid digging as present days), before that; for the centuries together our fore fathers used, animals used, used for agriculture only surface ground water. No bore wells were there. Of course wells were there, as we see in Kerala. And within this 50 years, the ground water in AP and Telangana depleted to an alarming feet of 350 or more now (People dig bore wells to that extend of depth) See the changes in ground water levels within this mere 50 years of time! If water is available, that is chloride and salty water only!! Then what would be available for the next generation!!!

The Extent of Threats:

As explained above the depletion of Ground Water is alarmingly increasing in India, which is close to the equator and having very less natural forest resources and agriculture investments and is often subjected to semi-hot arid drought prone areas and as the rise and difference in sea levels due to climate changes bring a lot of irreparable changes to India’s natural resources and human living.  Let us see few facts and predictions about India by researchers worldwide:

  • India is the second populous country in the world with a population of 132 crores.
  • India’s 32% and 68% population lives in urban and rural areas respectively
  • Unusual and unprecedented spells of hot weather are expected to occur far more frequently and cover much larger areas. Under 40 C warming, the west coast and southern India are projected to shift to new, high-temperature climate regimes with significant impacts on agriculture.
  • A 2°C rise in the world’s average temperatures will make India’s summer monsoon highly unpredictable. At 4°C warming, an extremely wet monsoon that currently has a chance of occurring only once in 100 years is projected to occur every 10 years by the end of the century.
  • An abrupt change in the monsoon could precipitate a major crisis, triggering more frequent droughts as well as greater flooding in large parts of India. India’s northwest coast to the south eastern coastal region could see higher than average rainfall. Dry years are expected to be drier and wet years wetter.
  • Droughts are expected to be more frequent in some areas, especially in north-western India, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. Crop yields are expected to fall significantly because of extreme heat by the 2040s.
  • More than 60% of India’s agriculture is rain-fed, making the country highly dependent on groundwater. Even without climate change, 15% of India’s groundwater resources are overexploited. Although it is difficult to predict future ground water levels, falling water tables can be expected to reduce further on account of increasing demand for water from a growing population, more affluent life styles, as well as from the services sector and industry.
  • With India close to the equator, the sub-continent would see much higher rises in sea levels than higher latitudes.
  • Sea-level rise and storm surges would lead to saltwater intrusion in the coastal areas, impacting agriculture, degrading groundwater quality, contaminating drinking water, and possibly causing a rise in diarrhea cases and cholera outbreaks, as the cholera bacterium survives longer in saline water.

And as you have seen the pathetic and heart-breaking seen of a skinny boy who due to extreme need of drinking water kept his face against the peeing buffaloes and leaned to the dirty stagnated sewage, it is very inevitable to share wisdom and knowledge about the WATER, Yes the only thing which has no substitute and without which nothing will survive on Earth. Hence we think it is the right time and urgent occasion to share this very truth and wisdom with ignorant people. Water is not for human beings alone, but the entire living creature on Earth has the RIGHT to Water. Thus sharing such a truthful and needy wisdom will reduce unnecessary usage of water and wastage. And the same can be communicated to other areas too for better world where water the greatest and matchless gift will be judiciously be used by people.

What we plan to do:

We plan to create the following values be conveyed and instilled to each and every person of 10 middle towns as a pilot initiative:

  • The never-forgotten truth of WATER Conservation .
  • Water as the Elixir of Life on Earth.
  • Use Water only one mug for “Muggu” thus to Save many lives.
  • Judicious use of natural resources and gifts of nature for life.
  • Superstitious beliefs of nature’s gifts use gain nothing, but lose to the existence of human beings.
  • Water conservation is not somebody’s responsibility, but each one’s.
  • The need to teach and educate future generation about NRM.
  • Learn the Wisdom for Sustainability of existence.
  • Values for basics of life for everyone and the nature etc.
  • Without nature and its resources, no existence on Earth.
  • Wayward Human Activities, the destruction of Earth – Water.
  • Water, Nature is destroyed not by animals or anything, but only, only, only by human beings.

We plan to bring out the above mentioned values through various programmes and activities like organizing awareness creation meeting, conducting events with involvement of media/officials/PRIs/Departments/Political organizations/CBOs etc, kalajathas, meetings, competitions, orientation sessions, video creations, social Medias’ involvements etc. 

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