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Physically handicapped persons form the lion’s share of the nearly 10 per cent handicapped people throughout the world. A sizable number of these are amputees.Amputation is the severing of a part of the body in order to save the rest of the body, and those who have lost their limbs are called amputees. The numbers are variable, but there are statistics which estimate that 7 out of 1000 population are amputees and in addition, each year,according to one estimate, an additional 25000 people lose their limbs in India due to diabetes, accidents and other hazards. Amputees living in the deep interior pockets of India, they cannot afford to come to the big cities where qualified rehabilitation teams are situated; they neglect their handicap and later get resigned to a life of immobility. Sometimes a person who has been using an artificial limb is unable to use it when his prosthesis wears out and becomes irreparable. An artificial limb can make all the difference to them and provide not only a means to mobility but also means to a living. 

Freedom Trust is on a mission to conduct special camps for limb fitting at various towns and villages where the need is huge. A van specially fitted with all equipment and raw material needed to manufacture an artificial limb will tour the villages and a limb fitting team will take measurements and fit artificial limbs to those amputees in the villages at free of cost. We believe in sustainable models to help physically challenged people to make them self-reliant and live a life of self-respect. A team consisting of social worker, trained prosthetist and physiotherapist provide technical support. 

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