vertical farming in city against pesticides and food crisis

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How can we produce enough food to sustain an increasing population? Growing plants without soil could be the answer, explains tulasi krishna With the world’s population nearing 10.0 billion – and global prosperity and the desire for more resource-intensive foods rising steeply too – it’s clear that farming needs to become more productive. One way of meeting future food needs could be vertical farms – growing plants without soil, instead using a nutrient-rich solution to deliver water and minerals to their roots. It’s already being used to increase farming outputs and grow plants in habitats that wouldn’t normally sustain them. Despite sounding like something out of science fiction, it’s nothing new. The Aztecs built floating farms around the island city of Tenochtitlan, and the explorer Marco Polo wrote about seeing floating gardens during his travels through 13th-century China. By the 1930s, Pan American Airways had established a vertical farm on a remote Pacific island to allow its flights to top up with food en route to Asia. Today farmers have to slowly increasing their use of vertical farms, and researchers are looking more closely at how it could solve future food problems. In the future, some of its applications could be out of this world.



My name is Tulasi krishna  and I am raising funds for my idea and implementation for  who is suffering from hunger . my passion is to love  nature and to save it from my first graduation  and my idea real time prototype  is costing us Rs. 3.5 lac  for land rental and  maintenance and we need funds to continue the project and create revolution against cultivation process againest pesticides. Please help us raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and/or sharing this fundraiser with family and friends.

 MY OBJECT : One of the benefits of  vertical farming is that a greater number of crops can be planted in a smaller area, and soil based pest are eliminated. Another benefit of vertical farming is that the rate and size of the fish along with what they are consuming is monitored for your desired fish product. the waste from fishes is used as pesticide to cultivate farm.

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