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people who are kind towards and help them financially is considered to be philanthropist. but may be too much kindness wont friend veerraj who is 58 years now lost everything because only because of his kind heart towards human beings. he used to run a strict and discipline and of course famous and most income generating school of mandapeta town of east godavari district , andhra pradesh, india. he never showed interest on money but showed interest in helping needy people.he was one of the richest persons of that area in 1990's. but his kindness towards humans made him lose everything. some times even though he don't have much money to give to needy, he used to take money from others as interest and give to them for free. but when he faced some financial problems no one helped him(the people who took money as help also didn't help  him) because he was nearly with empty hands with no money by that time. so he gave his school to some others as interest and came out of his town with empty hands. after that no one helped him but used to say kind person, great person etc. now he is working as a L.I.C. agent making no policies because of his severe mental depression and introvert character. i'm not asking money for his whole life. PLEASE HELP HIM FOR HIS MONTHLY NEEDS which will be around 6000 INR per month. helping kind hearted people like him will return u more money from god in return. i'am dinesh seeing problems of him unable to control my emotion, so i beg u great people to help him
i'am preparing for competitive exams now and if needed i will return ur money after getting my CGL JOB. 

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