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My husband needs an immediate medical attention because he is suffering from triple vessel disease and will have to undergo triple vessel bypass surgery.  According to doctor he should have the surgery as soon as possible because he is only 41 and because of his high sugar he got stroke last year so there is a chance of silent attack.

Because of financial crisis we went through a MLA camp and did angiogram where we found this diagnosis and they told that surgery will be free of cost but now it is two months nobody is telling or saying anything about the surgery.  We went personally to meet MLA and he told he will look into it but nothing is happening.  Now recently 2 weeks ago he got viral infection at that time we went to a doctor who is a diabetologist told that there is a strong chance of silent attack because last year he got stroke due to high sugar so surgery should be done as soon as possible. We confirmed this with another doctor also who also said the same things. 

Actually nobody is there is nobody to help us, our marriage happened 6 years ago and after one month we came to know that mother in law suffering from cancer it got to advanced stage so 2-3 years went for her treatment and we saved her. Things were becoming little better at that time in 2014 husband met with an accident and when he was in the third day of ICU we lost our only brother in law who died of cancer and when my husband came from hospital a few days later I lost my father who suffered a silent attack.  Again in 2015 my husband landed in cardiac ICU because of chest pain at that time he got a minor attack and angiogram report was of two blocks they told to have the stent because of our financial crisis they gave us medicines and we showed to Ayurveda but in 2016 he ended up again in ICU because of stroke with right side hemiparesis and that caused due to high sugar and after a month my mom got stroke due to high blood pressure and she is bedridden, now she is living with us. After few months we came to know to that mother in law got the cancer again that has spread to bones, she had mastectomy 5 years ago.


We are living in a rented house.  My husband is a driver because of his medical issues he cannot drive or earn that much as he used to do before and at present I am the only earning member.  I am working as a MT and gets only 20+ in that medicines, house rent, bills, etc. and because of these situations we took some money from here and there have to pay them also and after that nothing is left.  Mothers also need medical attentions but cannot do anything because of his surgery getting delay.

When people came to know that husband needs bypass surgery they want there money back plus the owner also wants us to move from here. When bad time comes it comes from all sides that is what is happening,  so please donate for his surgery by helping him you are helping two mothers also.

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