Travel Grant for Visiting a Conference going to held in Berlin ,Germany on May 14 to May 17

By Ramkumar Kett Ramachandran

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One of my proposals got shortlisted in Top 5 out of 680 applications received from all around the world. I am a scientist who is working on Green energy. The conference details are given in the following link.

The proposal aims to eradicate the dangerous trees named Prosopis Juliflora (Karuvelam) which are found commonly in INDIA and pollute the agriculture lands. 

Tamilnadu Government is trying to eradicate these trees completely. These invasive plants take all water from grounds and from the atmosphere, No birds can build their nest on the top of these trees and fruits, leaves and flowers are non-edible. These trees are more poisonous and spread over agriculture lands very fast. 

Our proposal will eradicate these trees completely and makes the activated charcoal out of these trees.

The activated charcoal is the medium of energy storage and protons of Hydrogen can be stored. 

This proposal got shortlisted in Elsevier Green Chemistry Challenge conducted by Elsevier which is a great forum for the scientists to go and present our ideas. The further research will take part to find more useful products which will help the society. 

I am the Co-investigator seeking funds to visit Germany during May 12 to May 17 to present my ideas. This technology should be certified by them and numerous applications will come out of this proposal. The foremost impact of this work is the complete eradication of these dangerous and poisonous trees. 

Any remote schools from the villages of INDIA can get the complete power supply. 

The ecosystems works like 

1.Solar panel is attached on the roof of the schools

2. The electricity is used to power the school campus and also used as an electrolyzer to extract hydrogen from water. 

3. The extracted hydrogen is split further into H+ and H- whereas, the protons are stored in the Activated Charcoal made out of this trees.

4. The battery is charged for entire day and given to the students on their return to home.

5. They can use the battery in their houses during night time and next day again they should bring it for charging.

This cycle encourages the underprivileged students to come to school and their life standard will get improved by getting electricity. 

The unique problems which are created by these trees would be solved in a profitable manner and social upliftment would happen.

I am in the need of urgent funding since visa process will take minimum 15 days time and the conference starts on May 12 - 2017.

I am ready to describe the technical aspects to the donors. 

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